Diablo® III

Leading Mobs into town has to STOP!

Working as intended. Its a diablo world and mobs will take over towns. Our mighty hero got caught with his pants down. End of story.
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I think you're 666 All Res was bad luck :P RIP I'm in pain for you
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People are still failing to realize that although the OP went AFk and that was his mistake, hundreds of others players are being killed when they log into a game. They are killed before their character has even loaded and they are still looking at the Loading splash screen.

Because of this, town PK indeed needs to be fixed. All they need is a gateway on that side of town just like the one they introduced on the other side. If that's too difficult to code because of Quests then just make an invisible wall that doesn't allow the enemy pathing to bypass.
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It may have been say elsewhere but some PK also gather a huge quantity of monsters in Act 1 town before opening the game to public.

When someone enters the game, he then faces a huge lage and dies even before being able to move.

So be AWARE that even joining a game in act 1 is not safe (see videos of pk on internet).

It's an OBVIOUS issue that should have been corrected at the same time in 1.0.3...

RIP paran 98.

Edit: ok, already said multiple times, just wanted to warn people ^^.
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This is still why I will NEVER play a HC public game. This makes HC a single player game.

To fix this problem, I would add a 5 second immunity any time you enter a game, take a waypoint or port to a flag. You would also not be able to attack during this time. That would give you a fair chance to run or go back through the waypoint.

My 2 cents.
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