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Leading Mobs into town has to STOP!

06/09/2013 06:22 PMPosted by Capnsensible
Not to be a jerk, but if your daughter is burning herself on the stove, maybe you should be supervising her instead of playing video games so that doesn't happen in the first place
That person gets melodramatic when posting and trying to prove a point. Same person tried using being raped and getting shot as analogies to the PK as well...
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Not to be a jerk, but if your daughter is burning herself on the stove, maybe you should be supervising her instead of playing video games so that doesn't happen in the first place. For any run of the mill reasons to afk though, like bathroom, drink etc, either take care of that before joining, or leave the game. Dunno why people can't plan a few minutes in advance if they need to pee or get a drink.

Because if your daughter is 16 years old and using the stove she obviously needs to be supervised, and I always know when I am going to go pee or when Im not
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06/08/2013 03:25 PMPosted by CodSack
Surely Blizzard can do something on my behalf. If they know this is an issue, why hasn't it been addressed? PLEASE HELP!!!!

They could do something about this issue, but they really don't care to. I suppose you can take solace in knowing that your thread might prevent someone else from making the same mistake, but I wouldn't hold your breath for Blizzard to start caring about non-AH related issues.
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Just wanted to jump in real quick and say that a post like this one and a post asking the you should be able to hostile people, makes it a bit confusing for CMs to tell what the majority wants. I am all for OPs plea b/c its mad stupid that !@#$ like this can actually be done but others might see this as the only way to pk other people. Plenty of threads have been made about pk. But really a town MUST be a safe place no matter what
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the fact that this can happen at the point where players spawn is just absurd. That's like saying it's okay for blizzard placing 50 mobs at every entrance and portal spawn points.
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... Marco?

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I love how the OP posts a valid complaint and people can't see the fact this shouldn't be possible. It doesn't even matter if he afk's in town or not. This is just a huge oversight that will be fixed at one point. Until then, people who do this kind of behavior need to be banned empirically from all Blizzard online games, including access to the forums.

Going out of your way to grief someone is a really douchebag move.
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i think it's funny.
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Being killed for AFKing in town is one thing. Being killed when entering a game and before the town has even appeared is another entirely.


He is killing people before their player even fully appears. This shouldn't be possible. At least give a 10-15 second grace period of invulnerability when entering a game from the menu.
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Well, that's what you get for joining a mp10 game with crap gear...
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What's crazy about all this is that it's not even fixed yet.
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Don't afk in public games on hardcore and don't join them make your own. If there is anyway to slay a player in d3 you can bet some dude has spent countless hours trying to figure it out. Play safe my friends :)
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Where's the screenshot OP?
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You went afk, in town, on a public game... You were just asking for it. Did you deserve it? no. But, you left yourself open to being taken advantage of. You put yourself in that situation. You cant cry about things, if you put yourself in the situation.

This is the same thing with people who go to sports games wearing the rival teams stuff on nights that the rival team is not there. Do you deserve to be screwed with or possibly get into an altercation? Nope. Did you put yourself in the situation to be taken advantage of? Yep.

Be smarter than that.
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06/08/2013 04:06 PMPosted by Error37
there's no way of leading mobs into town anymore.

They're probably leading them in through the front gates.. the ones you encounter on your way to The Cathedral.
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06/08/2013 03:43 PMPosted by Oake
If you have to go afk for a few, leave the game. I hate people who go afk and not leave the game. It is rude. Glad your toon got waxed. Wish we could lead mobs into town for all the acts to get rid of lame afks.

I agree. There have been quite a few times that people have gone afk in public games and the public game queue would keep connecting me and other to the same game rather than make a fresh game.
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Why not go into Cain's house or the bar and sit there. I doubt the monsters can follow you.
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