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Suggested Changes for a Better End-Game

Read this. I assure you it's worth it.

Face it, reaching paragon 100 is not the end game. Making a joke of Inferno Mp10 isn't really the end game either. Despite Blizzard's valiant attempts at improving the end game, it still just isn't really there. Given the current game and all its mechanics, the gear/skill cap for the most dedicated players is still much lower than it should be.

I do not wish to bash Blizzard in any way with this post. On the contrary I hope some of the developers see this post and consider it with a great sense of open-mindedness. I am not a developer but I periodically sit in my chair and only think with great intent, how I could make the game better if I were in a position of influence. The cool thing is I actually do have influence (at least a tiny bit), and so that is why I am going through the trouble of making this post at all.

I have a suggestion for improving the end game of Diablo III. Based on the current Nephalem Valor system (which I think was originally a great addition to the game and opened the door for much potential), I would like to see it expanded upon. A measly five stacks is not difficult to obtain yet it requires a justifiable amount of effort for casual players who only wish to play for short periods of time every now and then. In its current form, the five-stack cap is a poor system for dedicated players who wish to play for long periods of time in frequent succession. I would really like to see this cap raised, or better yet taken away. I realize that if this were done then the current amount of exp/mf/gf rewarded per stack would have to be adjusted, and I believe the best way to do that would be to implement harsh diminishing returns. This would improve the game greatly for the hardcore gamers while not very much affecting the casual ones. Still, this would not exactly make the game all that more exciting. What would be truly exciting is if the timer also came into play. Consider if the NV-stack timer were on diminishing returns as well. Imagine if the first five or so stacks were still around a 20-30 minute timer. Imagine if getting to ten or twenty stacks made the timer go down to only a few short minutes. Imagine if clearing multiple acts and getting around a hundred stacks made your timer last for only seconds (losing all those stacks would in a sense reset the game and be a great way to encourage breaks for those players who forget to take them). Now imagine if instead of all stacks dropping should your timer run out, you only lost one stack at a time. Imagine trying to soft-cap out and maintain as many stacks as you could for as long as you could. Imagine all the in-game achievements that could be implemented around such a system. Imagine how fun it would be if you partied up and tried to get the highest amount of exp/mf/gf possible (which would theoritically be impossible). Think of all the gamers who quit out of boredom coming back to play for nothing more than bragging rights in a little meta-game within the bigger game. Imagine what kind of adjustments could be made to the guaranteed rare system (dropping multiple guaranteed rares or guaranteed legendaries on bosses or just taking it out completely because it might be negligible).

I can see myself doing low-mid MP multi-Act runs trying to get the highest number of stacks possible, as I reach over 100 NV needing to kill at least one elite per every 30 seconds in order to progress any further. I see myself doing high MP farming with only 30-40 stacks which could yield even better overall results. I would love to have more choices and feel like my level of skill and dedication actually matters again in a game that now seemingly rewards neither.

What I have suggested in the above paragraphs is what a real end-game system would look like. I am a dedicated gamer, so I know what suffices and what does not, and I think most other dedicated gamers feel that the current system, despite its many improvements throughout recent patches, still falls short of feeling end-game friendly (even on hardcore). I'm not a genius and I wouldn't command credit for such an idea, but I'd really like to hear the community's input about my suggested changes to the current NV system for end gaming purposes. What do you think about it?
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Pretty cool idea, actually. I'll +1 that. :)
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That is a fantastic idea. If i was on the recruiting board to buzzard, id offer your a job. They need more people with open minds and gaming experience like you.
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Love this!

Try making two paragraphs in the main one, to help people reading it.

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Bump for exposure.
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I think there are areas of the game that more urgently need fixing, but this isn't a bad idea at all, and may be something they can do in between now and the next major content patch.

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Very cool +1
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bump +1
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