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Error 3007 Cant login

So for the past 2 weeks i have been getting error 3007 when i try to log in,im not being kicked from games i just get the error immediately and cant login. i have never had this error consistently before patch 1.08.

So far i've read back through and attempted most of the easier fixes recommended on the forums and i have had some success by using google DNS servers but this is not a consistent fix it seems to work once and then not work the next time i attempt to log on.

In addition some nights I've simply been able to logon with no issues at all without even using the google fix. But TONIGHT is one of the nights where i cant get in at all and i have no idea why

any help would be appreciated.
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I got the exact same issue.
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What ISP are you with? and what kind of computer/net are you using?(laptop,wireless,etc).

Are you able to do a traceroute when you get the error? that way can see what is being blocked where.

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Had the same problem just after patch 1.08. Haven't experience it for the past 2 weeks however.
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Hi All,

I have had a long history of trying to deal with 3007 dropouts since I bought the game about a year ago. After weeks of reading threads and trying a multitude of fixes (as I really got sick of my game dropping out after about 10-20min of gameplay) I think I finally come a solution for my PC and router. Please feel free to try any of these or a combination of if you are still experiencing dropouts.

My understanding is that 3007 errors are handshaking problems between your PC and Blizzard servers or any servers for that matter.

Firstly I am located in Melbourne with iinet and with a BOB2 router running Windows 8 with a hardwired connection so this may be more useful to AUS and NZ gamers.

If you are still experiencing dropouts feel free to try the following if you haven't already

- Check that your PC hardware and Router have the latest drivers and firmware

- Make sure that your network card is not set to powersave mode

- Check "Secondary Log-on" on your PC's local services is set to Automatic (is found in administration tools in control panel)

- Open your host file in notepad and add the below to the last line of the file and save us.depot.battle.net

(Host file is found in \Windows\System32\Drivers\etc
Take care when doing this - if you are not familiar with this process there are youtube videos that demonstrate how to do it. I would take a backup of this file and store it somewhere just in case.)

- I set my router to have
A primary DNS of (left secondary blank)
MTU of 1400
MRU of 1400

- Lastly which most of you will have done is enabled general chat in gameplay

This combination of settings has finally done the trick for me. I may experience a 5 second pause after about an hour of gameplay but more than enough time for the link to re-establish and keep playing.

I haven't disabled or tampered with any firewall settings on my PC or Router

I haven't port forwarded my router as it is not capable of it (according to the portforward website)

My network card is set to a dynamic IP address and have not added google or other public DNS servers in the network card's DNS settings

I have spoken to my ISP provider (iinet) who confirmed that my line was fine so there was not much more they could do.

I hope this post helps frustrated players who just want to enjoy gameplay without wondering when their next dropout is going to happen.

If you still experience problems then there is not much more I can do as I have given all my setting modifications to work in my instance.

Good luck

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I have been having this problem as well tried a few things.

I recently open gateway on my modem/router to blizzards suggested settings and so far I have had 3 days free of error 3007.

Reconfigure Firewall and Router Settings

If you are using a firewall or router, you may need to manually set up your system to allow access to the game server. Your firewall and/or router will need to allow unrestricted communications on ports 80, 1119, and 6881 - 6999.

I had replaced my modem in last few months and had forgotten that I had open gateway a few years ago on the old modem.
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