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Error 3007

I was having this issue after a month post-game release. After that it was consistent for months until my RAM died along with the Motherboard (So that could be the issue then). I just had it fixed last week and downloaded the game to play it. Instantly the issues arose again with 3007 and this is with a brand new motherboard, RAM, etc. I'm having the issue happen every hour or so, or sometimes after 5 minutes of inactivity. I ran the traceroute and honestly have no clue how to read it but it does have lines 14-30 timing out while the first few are lower MS and the middle 10 or so are in the 30's.

Is there some place we could get an update regarding the problem?
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I've been having this issue since last patch too, what's wierd is that it comes and goes everyweek after maintenance so one week with 3007 one off then back again ..wierd.
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Got friends on EU experiencing the same problem since last launcher update . One of my mate want to definitely quit the game now cause he tried all solutions .

Blizzard there is something wrong with your patch !
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Miss cheetah
Sorry for the miss wording of the problem, which does not eliminate the actual existence of an issue.!
I do apologise for the miss wording.
let me start again. After the last shut down I started experiencing error 3007 and had to re join the game.
This seems to happen mostly when I have my 5 buff. I have friends also experiencing problems and at times we cannot enjoy playing with each other. In fact it getting very hard to play anything more than a single person game due to Error 3007 and the lagging issues I think my rerecord latency, was 4077. originally my latency would sit around 180 to 260. As the game shut downs has progress so have issues and latency.
There a lot of people suffering similar problems , check all threads across the total forum and the general disappointment in Blizzards response to these issues.

I'm disappointed that you decide that these are not enough to be concerned about and dismiss it as individuals computer issues. There appears to be a lot people out there having individual computer issues that strangely resemble each other.

I would like to say that I have been buying Blizzard products for a long time and would only buy blizzard , because I believe they produce a better product. I still believe that D3 is a good product .
The issue I have at the moment is that the game is not playable and with more than one in the game it is very frustrating . This is a big disappointment to me as the social part of the game represents 50% of its playability for me.

I find it difficult to believe that the management of Blizzard believes that we have to hire Techs every time something has changed in D3 or the platform. Please excuse my miss-wording again as I'm not computer technically knowledgeable/ able. However I usually have a reasonable skill in determining events and how they fit with problems.
I think my support for blizzard is getting very thin. I wish and hope that it doesn't break.

Blizzard should be asking themselves if the game was working correctly? why are their customers so unhappy with their product ? Even if there isn't a problem they should be concern with customer disappointment ??????? shouldn't they be at least investigating it an eliminating it as genuine concern???

A Very disappointed and frustrated blizzard fan.
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same here 30 to 60 min's ...............than error 3007..

just long enough to get up to 5 stacks and a little bit more ............

CRASH !!!!!!!!

tried all the fixes ...............nothing works

I can play BF3 and all my other online games for hours on end..... NO PROBLEM

think this game designer is in denial
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^^^^ Well said Sydknee60.

I just posted on another thread that I play on the same internet connection and sit right next to my wife and she never experiences this issue!

I am right there with you bro!

Oh, I am in game just a second ago and I go to broadcast a message to my friends. I open my profile and I can't see my Btag. There is {s2} where my Btag should be. I recently changed my Btag because I didn't like my other one. Has anyone else experienced this as well or is it just me?
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Well the shame is , there are many people with similar issues and not getting response other than a list of things to correct/try on their PC.

I have tried some of the suggestion's with no improvement so far.
I have read of others that have tried all the suggestion's that report no improvement.

So what's the recommendation for the person's that have eliminated the suggested fixes as a solution ?

In the manufacturing industry , they told us that complaints are important ! for every one complaint reported there are 10 people out there that don't report a complaint , they just change products .

Edited by Sydknee60#1652 on 7/26/2013 10:38 PM PDT
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add me to the list.. just started as of 25th of july. I played that day for about 7 hours straight, now I get 25 minutes to an hour before error 3007
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Happening to me on a semi-regular basis lately too. Lost out on an EF drop cause I disconnected right before I could pick it up. Seems to have gotten worse for me after the last server down-time on July 23rd.
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im getting this problem as well, around about 30mins no lagg, full green bars then bang d/c.

internet is still on and im not running wireless anymore. So !@#$ing anoying
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My brother and I have been getting this issue ever since the last content patch, so add us to the list. Have tried many fixes but nothing seems to work. This problem has made me quit Diablo 3 for the time being. I just hope to god that the next content patch fixes this problem somehow, or Blizzard actually tries to investigate what's going on with these d/c's.
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omg get this fixed
i started having it today and im reading all this, great...
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Add me to the list

Worked fine up until the last patch/upgrade now its every 5 mins sometimes before I get Error 3007. Even got a 3005 before (new one to me)

Game ran smooth as until last week. But I guess its all at our end according to the ever so helpful responce.

Arrogant much?
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Same issue has occurred to me for the past 3 days. Lost three HC characters due to this issue. Awesome!!!!!
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I would like to add addional info.

since my first posting on this issue I tried a few of the fixes and had no improvement.
I have continued to get error consistently one night and none at all another. ???\

Last night while playing with a friend , who has never had this error 3007. We both were dropped
3 times in about 3 hours. We got dropped at exactly same time in exactly the same manner.
The total Screen froze with us still in whirl wind, which last lasted possible 20sec and then our barbs became free to move for 10 to 15 seconds and then we received Error 3007.
Both of us got drop out of game and had to re-enter sign in to get back into game.

If this is a personal computer problem? . Can any explain how a friend can have this for the first time and receives the error at the exact same moment I did in the same manner. ?
I'm in NSW on Optus and she is in SA on Telstra. We have completely deferent comp set ups ?
I would suggest completely different providers.

Can any add light to this ?
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Replacing my modem seems to have fixed the issue for me.
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I have been having this problem as well tried a few things.

I recently open gateway on my modem/router to blizzards suggested settings and so far I have had 3 days free of error 3007.

Reconfigure Firewall and Router Settings

If you are using a firewall or router, you may need to manually set up your system to allow access to the game server. Your firewall and/or router will need to allow unrestricted communications on ports 80, 1119, and 6881 - 6999.

I had replaced my modem in last few months and had forgotten that I had open gateway a few years ago on the old modem.

My friend has not had an issue since , wondering if my problem also caused hers while in same game ? who knows.
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been having the same issue for days. more so with multiplayer games being disconnected from
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still having the disconnection issues.

my buddy and i connect to the same network yet drops sporadically. anyone find a fix?
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