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What have you done for your WD today?

Share what you've been up to recently to crank your WD up to beastly levels. Gear improvements, new skills you've switched to, whatever.

Realized I didn't need blood ritual and switched to Jungle Fortitude so I could stop running Zombie Dogs and getting things stopped from running into my CoB. Better DR, better kill speed.

Went out and spent about 8.5 mil, 6 on the rings I'm wearing now, and another 2.4m on the blackthorne's pants. Net improvement was 10k DPS and 18k EHP.
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I've been testing out basically every viable build I can think of on mp10. I'll hop on a bit later today and post some of my thoughts. One thing I plan on doing tonight is buying a shield and giving it a go. I've worn a mojo from day one, so I'll be interested to see the limits of a tanking wd.
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Crafting hundreds of gems today..... Vit gems for the helm. So boring and slow, just had to alt+tab out, hopefully the crafting doesn't pause in game.
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trying out well of souls with CoB...even with my bad mana regen...it seems to work paired with honored guest...

bad thing is that it takes up one passive slot with RoE = no spirit vessl for me...which means more careful playing is needed...=D
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Upgraded my bracer from 209int, 59vit, 77Ar, 5.5%CC, got it in 20 tries.
Meanwhile, upgrade my gems to RS topaz.
Try play without BR and still work at MP 10 Act 2 Oasis, WD is really a fun class, :)
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Lost a whole bunch of mana regen for more dps. Need to manage better lol.
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After reaching level 60 (EU server) and gearing my new WD yesterday, started today earning Paragon levels.

Experimented with different skills to see if I could replace Gargantuan/Zombie Dogs but for now (maybe until I get a better feeling of the WD, first time playing with this class) I'll keep these skills.

Had some luck selling a Skorn/Vile Ward and replaced some gear from yesterday, including a new sword.

EU profile: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/JH24-2152/hero/28454770
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Finally can handle mp10 solo. Gonna work on crafting better shoulders though :D
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i brought my WD to the hair salon for a afro perm just to realize he has no hair, hence we did some waxing on the bald head, now it shines
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Went from lvl 30 to 60. Time to figure out how to properly gear this character. AH3 here I come.
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Bought a Zuni helm, Soj and skorn for cob build. Liked the kill speed and the change of pace. But switched back to 0 dogs for increased survivability and mayhem.
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I bought a new WH and new gloves and gain 12.9kdps in one day :)
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Sidegraded belt and boots, trying to get that armor up to 4k. So close, it's tough getting there! All resist is all above 700 as well, would be nice to get to 800 but people seem to insist 4k armor is a defensive breakpoint, almost. Also upgraded helm life gem. Still crafting gloves. Trying to snipe some pants, but that's also rough. Anyone crafting their own pant upgrades these days??

Also added a bunch of you all from the forum to try and get more fun WD mp10 parties going. Ping me if you'd like an add.

Keep fiddling with small build tweaks but basically nothing special. Spirit Vessel, Jungle Fort, or Blood Ritual?

aaaaand it's my birthday.
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Happy Birthday Rook.

I dropped my Innas pants for my current which lost me 12k dps but I gained 98k ehp.
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Started buying getting Rubies together. I can make a 10K DPS gain there and sacrifice nothing if I put in a radiant star.
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Nothing ;p
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Trying to find an upgrade to hit 60,000 hp and 4,000 armor without losing any dps with only 80 mil. Finding it difficult at the moment. Might change up skills and use some WoS tonight....I love that skill.
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I am not entirely sure at the moment I will have to check a d3up after I get off work. I think my CC is high enough at this point that the emerald might be better. From what I have been reading though the damage difference might be miniscule.
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