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What have you done for your WD today?


Bought a new Zuni's helm with about 50 more int for only 5 mil, sold old one for 10m buyout. Net gain: 1400 DPS, +3.5m Gold
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I finally got an 8 second dog amulet so I can ditch my 4 second ring and amulet for a ring with attack speed and crit chance.
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bought a rare ring upgrade for 53m, pretty happy with the 4k dps increase :)
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Switched from Anatomy to Hysteria, which seems to work a lot better for me.

The increase in the actual DAMAGE cause by my attacks rather than the frequency of my crits seems to produce a lot more stunning and interupts against strong/annoying monsters like Hell Bashers. I find that it provides a bit more of a defensive edge via this mechanic than Anatomy did.
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Well, this is quite the story.

I was lucky enough to obtain a Witching Hour last night that upped my dps and my life greatly.

I can now do MP10 ubers. And to make it just a little bit easier on me, I made it so that my dogs damage adds to my life. So, I'm no longer sitting there with my hand on the health/spirit walk buttons to get out of hairy situations.

I am planning on getting zuni boots with All res as well as a Manajuna mojo which will complete my ultimate goal of having two full sets working together to create the ultimate WD.

One day I'll 0-dog it, but until than I want to work on my char.
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Dogs stay alive for quite some time now. Do you feel like it's really necessary to grant them a better cool down? I'm not trying to be offensive here. I just personally feel like you could have utilized that bonus on your ammy to something that would be more beneficial?
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Got a steal on a better tals ammy with 8.5 cc and 6% cold which helps tons, but lost some vit so next upgrades need vit.
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Gonna hit Paragon90 next time I get on. :)
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Grabbed my WD a new Tals Ammy ... for 490mil!?! It was either the best deal I've gotten all year year ... or perhaps it's not as good as I think it is. Nonetheless it's a sweet upgrade for me :)
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Bought the rare ring in my profile for 50 m for a 5.5k dps upgrade with similar vit. Pretty happy with it.
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Bought a new manajumas weapon.. going to put a marquis in it for the extra 5k dps buff :D
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Uhhh... I... Started playing again after 4 months or so?
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stuck at work, ..haven't done anything yet.
i may need to take my WD apart later today to lvl up my wiz...
poor boy..
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bought myself a pox. Added me 16k dmg, and reduced 200 life. Now it's back on sale. Need to fund for my yet-to-be-found gg skorn.
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decided to look at skorns on diabloprog to see if there was a better int/ vit one
found out mines the highest itemscore in the world
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