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what's you first video game? don't be shy guys/gals

90 Orc Warrior
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mine was super mario bros for NES I was 5 years old when I got it. The game also came with duck hunt. I will be 29 in a week so gg for gaming. what you guys play?
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My 1st favorite video game... although it was definitely not my first game.... which would probably have been pac man or asteroids..... was a game called "Rastan" which they had at our favorite pizza place across the street..... omg the quarters i put into that game lol.
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same as you, super mario bros with duckhunt
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My 1st game was some mystery game when IBM first came out with it's first big consumer hit version and also asteroids
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Super Mario Bros with Duck Hunt, I was 1

Actually, I take that back. It was Legend of Zelda.
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Pacman was my first game. After that I believe it was either Tetris or Super Mario bros / Duck Hunt.
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My first video game was something at the local arcade, like asteroids or pac man. I was really into pinball as well. I remember having a ton of fun playing Space Shuttle pinball.

Oh yeah I almost forget all the hours of fun I had playing games like King's Quest, Space Quest, Police Quest and actually a ton of fun playing Leisure Suit Larry. All those great SIerra games.
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i was 4?

edit: it was on my blazing XT 2MHz that could TURBO to 4MHz.
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Street of Rage. Can't remember how young though.
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My first video game was Lemmings on Amiga, along with Dynamite Dux.
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Mine was this old game on dos where i think u played as a pair of eyes? Pretty sure it was called construct but cant find any info about it lol
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road runner on ms dos

you see stick figure running and getting chased
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contra on NES 6years old remmeber the day i got it
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Donkey Kong handheld console
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Hmmm, it was either Joust or Adventure for Atari. Not sure which. Both were awesome.
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Bushido: The Way of the Warrior

had them at the same time so not sure which was first
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100 Night Elf Hunter
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Very first video game? It was Pong. It suddenly appeared one day in the student union gaming room when I was in college, right next to the foosball table.

I remember watching someone play it, amazed at the black and white images and the "boops" as he batted the puck back and forth. When it was my turn, I played for about 15 minutes, thought "cool," and then went to the pinball machines that took up the majority of the room.
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Wow, cant really remember since there are MANY really good classics at the time.

I first played a famicom(nintendo) back when i was around 7~ yrs old.

The games i played were pacman, mario, mario bros, mario 3, donkey kong, rockman, double dragon, tetris, galaga, wild gun man, duckhunt, bomberman, etc (too many others!)

My fav is Rockman!

Just cant remember what i played first XD
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