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what's you first video game? don't be shy guys/gals

Hunt the wumpus for the old Texas Instruments system.
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on Atari 2600
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Dr. Sbaitso, if you can call it a game. It's a game of how fast you can get stupid AI to "parity error".
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Incredibly difficult question for me to answer. (mainly because I can't remember)

It was probably for the NES... I want to say it was either The Legend of Zelda... or Super Mario Brothers. I could be wrong though, I played a lot of NES games.

You know, it may have even bee Duck Hunt.

I eventually got a Sega Genesis for Christmas (Best. Christmas. Ever.)... and my uncle had an Atari 2600 that belonged to my mom, so I played some of that. Been playing games since around 3 or 4 years old though.
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on Atari 2600


I hated that game. Not because it was bad (even though it is) but because I could never figure out what the hell I was supposed to do!

I still have all three of those games... and a working 2600. Megamania and Sea Quest were the best 2600 games, imo.
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hahahahaha op is labeled as offensive

first console game for me was super mario 64

first computer game was diablo 2
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06/06/2013 12:24 AMPosted by Drakhen
My 1st favorite video game... although it was definitely not my first game.... which would probably have been pac man or asteroids..... was a game called "Rastan" which they had at our favorite pizza place across the street..... omg the quarters i put into that game lol.

I'm glad I'm not the only one in this boat. I sunk a lot of quarters into this game too. Was it just me or did this game have the best soundtrack of its era?
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Kirby, Castlevania 1, Battle Toads how I miss my NES and SNES.....
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Was it just me or did this game have the best soundtrack of its era?


Ducktales Moon Theme!

It's only 2 years older. =P

Sorry, but Ducktales' Moon Theme is probably the best VGM track ever!
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Atari : frogger
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sonic on the sega
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I wish I could remember the games on my Commodore 64, all I remember was some spelling one where if you spelt things right you made a plane fly...yeah...with my spelling these days guess that didn't work too well.

Otherwise it would have to be an Atari game I think, loved frogger and honestly the Olympics game lol. Still have the commodore 64/Atari/Sega master system in the garage. <3 classics.

Course back then you had "lots of memory!" http://imgur.com/gallery/meGZK
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There not spelling mistakes, Im speaking 'Ye Old English'
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First PC game? Warcraft 2
First game ever? Can't remember, probably something on NES. I remember Duck Hunt and Mario
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A couple that come to mind..

Blades of Steel for NES

My friends and I would play this and there would be about 30 fights a game, the funny thing about this NES Hockey game was that whoever lost the fight would be the one penalized, lol

Super Tecmo Bowl for NES

A football game where you'd sometimes throw a pass and it would look like it's 80 feet over the recievers head, than all the sudden he'd leap up and make the catch for a touchdown...

These games are STILL fun to this day!
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ibm xt or a commodore or atari (I vaguely remember)
alley cat
dig dug
lode runner
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Super Mario Bros. And Sonic the Hedgehog. Great classics!
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paper boy, me and my dad would play it..
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