Diablo® III

what's you first video game? don't be shy guys/gals

OK i feel so very very very very old.

Pong. 1976. I was 14. and it was unreal.

I feel so very very old.
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Alex Kidd in Miracle World
I still remember most of the music tracks and sound effects.
I begged my parents for that Super Master System for months until they finally caved.
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F-zero NES, mario kart 64, and turok 1,2 nintendo 64
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wolfenstein 3d or pirates i was 3 years old.
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Pong on my Atari 2600 at the tender age of 5. This would have been around 1985 (obviously a used unit)

Growing up, I spent many, many hours alternating between my Nintendo and a dilapidated Commodore64.
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Final fantasy 7 on playstation 1. Twas 7 years old.
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My first games were on SNES I think. Don't remember which one was my first, but I remember plying these on dos:

Mortal Kombat
The Lost Vikings
Prince of Persia
Ski or Die
Street Rod
Formula One Grand Prix
Golden Axe
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Pong ripoff on a black and white Sears home console. It came with Pong and a light gun game where you shot at the mysterious white square.
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Video Pinball on Atari 2600.
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My first games were on the Intellivision system.

Venture - which was kind of like a Zelda game, but years earlier, and more simple.
Carnival - It was a shooting gallery game, where you'd try to pick off ducks as they moved by.

My first Arcade games were DigDug, and Starwars - the Black and white vector graphics one, it was awesome.

I then got an NES for christmas and the rest is history.
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Combat, Atari 2600
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Pacman, River Raid, Millipede on the Atari 5200.
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I believe it was pole position or river raid. I don't remember which Atari I had growing up but I never truly got into game until we got a Commodore 64.
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Pitfall. Atari 2600. Really got into more when the 8bit Nintendo came out. Rambo and Topgun are a couple I remember well.
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06/05/2013 11:51 PMPosted by Ssrrekk
mine was super mario bros for NES I was 5 years old when I got it. The game also came with duck hunt. I will be 29 in a week so gg for gaming. what you guys play?

Thanks for stealing my childhood, only difference is I will be 30 in a month.
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Some tank type game and Pong back in the 70's. I was about 5-6
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Leisure Suit Larry 1-6 :D
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Played: Some random stuff on Amiga
Owned: Sonic the Hedgehog

PC: Command and Conquer: Red Alert

N64: Super Mario 64

Gamecube: Super Smash Brothers: Melee

360: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

FPS: Doom

RPG: Baldur's Gate II

Platform: Sonic the Hedgehog

Best: Baldur's Gate II

Most played: Diablo II
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My first game for PlayStation was actually Diablo. Great game! I remember being so scared to fight the butcher! It was so dark and ominous and that dude was fast!
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