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what's you first video game? don't be shy guys/gals

Favorite First game is Dune 2 hahah! I played that for hours and hours. I can't remember the first game I played.
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Prince of Persia, on PC way back when 3.5'' floppy disk were high tech, lol , that is is the game that got me very interested in playing games. But a few memorably gaming moments for me is playing the original Mortal Kombat on Super Nintendo and duck hunt at a buddy's house..
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space invaders.


(can't remember the name of the one that had different geometric shapes as levels, and you went around the edge, shooting in)
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in the world


carmen san diego
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Ugh I can't remember.. It was probably sonic the hedgehog 2, but it could have been super mario bros//duckhunt cause we had a nes and a genesis. I was probably like 4 yrs old.
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Mine was probably the original DOS version of command and conquer
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My first computer was an XT.

1st computer game I had on it was King's Quest 3.
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TEMPEST!!! that's it!
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My first videogame was Savage (by Probe Software) for my 1st "console/pc" which was ZX Spectrum 48kb (of RAM!!! and allmighty and super-powerfull 3.5Mhz cpu). The videogame was on the audio cassette tape. It was amazing back then in 1988.
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My first was this pick axe game on the atari 2600.

Can't remember the exact name of it, but I played the crap out of that game. I think it was Pick-Axe Pete.

Still have that Atari 2600 somewhere.

Pick Axe Pete was an Odyssey^2 game. :)

And my first video game was Combat on the Atari 2600. My favorite for that system though was SwordQuest: Earthworld.

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First game was... The Oregon Trail... ah the memories... lol
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I can't remember the first one ... something on an Atari in the 80s probably.
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06/05/2013 11:51 PMPosted by Ssrrekk
mine was super mario bros for NES I was 5 years old when I got it. The game also came with duck hunt. I will be 29 in a week so gg for gaming. what you guys play?

Same. That god damned dog dude. :|
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probably mario on NES. my first computer game was black and white sim city and then sim city 1.4c
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I remember liking Pitfall on Atari, but never had the system myself. I'd always play at a friends house. My first true favorite that got me hooked on gaming was Super Mario Bros on NES. Followed by Legend of Zelda and Metroid... ahhh the good ole days.
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I don't remember the name of my first game. It was some baseball game on Intellivision II. Those were the days, when video games were so much simpler. lol
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runescape =D
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