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Show Off Your WD 200K, 4K+Armor, 700+AR Setup

@ Massami
1. Craft more shoulders until you get more armor...
2. Perhaps consider armor instead of all res on your zuni trail,
3. obviously more armor on marrow... but its not gonna be a "fair price"
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its alot easier hitting 200k with such stats now.

may my set up be an inspiration to you


99 mana regen without any skill

67k health

750 all resist

4k armor.

n lots of life regen.

n yea 200k dps.

oh also 21% dodge.

oh ! only 1 ias gear :D

^^^^^^^ 3 IAS gears.....but...still impressive.

I on the other hand have "1 IAS gear" (WH)

4k armor
780+ AR (I think it's actually over 800. not positive)

why you see the male and no see the female .... why why why. i am more proud of that young brave WD than that old hag i have. the stats i was saying was referred to the female doc but i change out the gears already.

after much testing, i would say for COB best is 1.75 aps with relatively close dps to 300k, as most stuff dies before you go oom.

but for bears, 1.5-1.6 aps is max you wanna have. (1 hander)

OH did you clone my knife? xD
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I lack 80 All Resist to join the club. What do you suggest to change for my gear?


Thanks in advance.
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Curious about the 1H-Mojo Set-Up of all you 200K, 4K Armor, 700+ AR WD out there. Something I have been trying to attain recently.


Oh yeah, 60K HP too!

Pretty nice so far. Keep em coming!

You just had to add "60k HP too!"

Didn't you?
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61k life
4k armor

Also 10.1% stun/freeze

ima showofff...
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62k hp
4300+ armor
800 all resit
223k dps

only ais on my wh belt. wd is my new number one class. i have 500 ish hours on my demon hunter and he cant even compare to the dps my wd puts out. and my dh has 350k dps. wd is mad crazy for parties and solo. just wish i started using him sooner haha.
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Impressive docs!

Very inspiring and a goal I am still shooting for.
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add me! having a blast playing my newbie wd :D
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Will do next time I log on!
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why not 100k health?


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im a little shy of 200k dps, but pretty good for being in hardcore :)
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Just bought a new skorn to take me over 200k dps. My Armour is actually 3995 or so (profile shows with enchantress) but everything else is there :)
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I am not impressed - you're gear is account bound because you were caught cheating and duping.
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I am not impressed - you're gear is account bound because you were caught cheating and duping.

@NiWi...you might want to look again. I think the gears are account bound because they have Marquise gems in them...or are crafted items
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Finally I achieved 250k dps unbuff, 4100 armor, 940 all res, 3% LS, 76.8K hp and 7 PUR.
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I am not impressed - you're gear is account bound because you were caught cheating and duping.

I LOL'ed.
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<< :))
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06/19/2013 09:41 AMPosted by JOEYCRACK
I LOL'ed.

You went full retard...never go full retard.

I facepalmed IRL , I also had coffee come out of my nose :(

Back on topic

60k+ hp
4000+ armor
800+ AR
200k+ Dps

With this garbage skorn ....

That outperforms my 1100 Dps 1H / Godly Serpent ><

* posted in this thread awhile ago I am at 245k ish dps / 850 Ar / 66k hp with my 1h/mojo
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