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Show Off Your WD 200K, 4K+Armor, 700+AR Setup

hmm 3.4k armor T_T

but i think my stats are balance


can farm mp10 easily and no need to switch for other gears everytime i change mp
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I'll put my name in. One piece of IAS on Witching Hour. The ring is a placeholder for something better.
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gone for the mitigation route (on eu)

4.5k armor
53k life
284k dps

would love more dodge :)

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I finally qualify!

Got paragon 75 yesterday to put me over 200k dps unbuffed. And I still have slots to upgrade, too.

200k dps
67k hp
4200 armor
720 all resistance

Dropped PUR from my shoulders (I'm still adjusting to the smaller bonus) and have been trying to get 500 dexterity to get my 20% dodge.

So much more to do!

Happy hunting.
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just upgraded a few peices yesterday..

239k dps
69k hp
4200 armor
800 all resist
54.5 cc
406 cd
11 yards pickup radius
19% dodge

just under 600k ehp without dodge and about 700k ehp with dodge
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Wow evo, that is awesome.

You are what I am currently shooting for!
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You don't need 4k armor...I'm betting some one has mentioned this all ready, but 3.5 is enough if you use horrify-fa, exceeding any EHP of a 4k+ non-FA user...

I use Horrify whenever I enter battle, and it is ready to be used again 4 seconds later or less... You can bounce between Horrify and SW for elites fairly easy.

I'm at 719k ehp with Horrify, 927k ehp w/Horrify and Dodge.

I get lazy and forget Horrify some times too, It doesn't kill me to not use it, except against Reflects, and getting hit by a Savage beast while surrounded by 20+ mobs. (I have 469k EHP, 605k EHP w/Dodge normally.)

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I run a pet build... using cloud and firebombs ....when I switch the two gems in pants for topaz I sit just over 200k. But I use the amethyst for added life boost to pets to play MP9. Love the pet build. Can't solo MP10 but still fun at MP9 and 8 of course.

4100k armor
65.9k HP
I use life regen on gear for boost to pets
32 cc
385 cd
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Just crawed past 200k last Night..

I'm short of 250 armor to 4k. :( will 940 all resist count?
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Geared my doc not too long ago. 207dps 562k ehp. Happy running mp10 with only 3234 armor. Just want my marquis and still trying to find a belt to get rid of the ias on my WH. Maybe a lil better cc roll on the bracers but overall I'm more than happy with the gear. Much cheaper than my DH. Wich is now my monk cuz..... Well yeah I love my dh but.....
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Found a life steal scorn the other day, nothing fancy but at least 5.1 life steal with decent cd and dps 1340. Tried it out in MP10. Wow.

Making me think the 1h/mojo.

I still need to upgrade my mojo and other gear spots but that skorn made me feel invulnerable and I still had 199k dps. Just gotta boost Crit chance to make use of the Crit damage (think it was 500+).
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I am just under 200k unbuffed, but I always play with the scoundrel, so I consider myself above 200k. I fit all the other criteria, but I need a better mojo still. I really wish the gloves I am wearing had all resist instead of just lightning, but a 10/50 pair with PUR isn't easy to come by, so I will make due with 930 AR and over 1,000 lightning. I had slipped under 4,000 armor, but I picked up a slightly better pair of Zuni boots last week with armor to get me back over 4,000.

I am fairly set until I manage to get a Gory Fetch or somehow a crazy sword drops with as good of stats as my MCK, and I don't think I will hold my breath on that. I could always get a slightly better rare ring and amulet, but I can run MP10 quite effectively now so it really isn't that important.
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just need a zuni chest to get 4k armor but never bother to upgrade coz im doing just fine for mp10 but only problem is reflect damage
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i wanna sell my female doc, anyone interested can add me and leave a msg here thks


massive ehp doc with 200k dps.
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So 700 in your inventory details or 700 in your blizzard account web page? They are a world of a difference.
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Character Info sheet only, so including bonus from INT.
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206k unbuffed
604k eHP
1050 all res
4023 armor
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Does 1.1 mil ehp make up for my lack of armor, got all cept the armor. 4k armor is not mandatory for MP10 imo...but that's just me...

Some really nice WDs in here!
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Does 1.1 mil ehp make up for my lack of armor, got all cept the armor. 4k armor is not mandatory for MP10 imo...but that's just me...

Some really nice WDs in here!

wow, you have a lot of HP o.o
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Does 1.1 mil ehp make up for my lack of armor, got all cept the armor. 4k armor is not mandatory for MP10 imo...but that's just me...

Some really nice WDs in here!

wow, you have a lot of HP o.o

Yeah, 129k hp was what really jumped out at me. So much life %.
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