Diablo® III

Show Off Your WD 200K, 4K+Armor, 700+AR Setup

Used to have 299k unbuff dps with 89k hp and 717 ar however my new setup completely annihilates my old set. Now I can basically tank most all e's in mp10 while watching tv whereas before I had to be alert at all times. In addition, I reduced my attack speed significantly at the cost of dps however, now I can maintain cod infinitely as long as my channeling isn't disturbed by knockback or fear. It's somewhat of a pvp set up minus a shield but I like it for farming as well ;)

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My act 4 setup. A little overkill but feel more like a barb now :) EremiteAngel inspired gearing! Don't knock the shield until you've tried it. Also need to change up a few skills to make up for lost mana regeneration so went spiders and VQ which works well.

EremiteAngel - if you read this add me I have a shield to donate to you. Can use it yourself or help a budding shield user. It's a sacred with 16 block, 260 int, 140 vit and 10 critical c, 1160 armor. Hit me up.
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Never knocked the shield, I think shield WDs have lots of advantages, I would've gone for a shield as well just that I have a mojo that I love. If I ever find a nice shield will definitely try it out.
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Nice Kurosawa.
I can get up to 170k DPS with a shield. I'm just blown away by 200k DPS with a shield.

Mitigation setup without shield, 200k DPS, 4650 armor, 1055 all resists, 12% elite reduction:

With the shield, 161k DPS, 6158 armor, 1110 all resists, 12% elite reduction, and 20% block:
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220k DPS unbuffed
80k hp
880 AR
4200 Armor
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