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Legal Perspective: Witnessed a Scammer Get Banned


06/09/2013 12:56 AMPosted by Oraniquitis
Just because they tell people to use the auction house doesn't give you free reign to cheat the ones who don't.

This, good on u Blizz, nice to see you're on the job.
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Doesn't it state in the ToS that technically all in-game items, characters etc are Blizz's intellectual properties and that you're paying for the right to use them? And that they can therefore close your account at any time for basically any reason they want? Pretty sure it does.
on another related note, how is it possible for hardcore players to be banned for town killing? This is a mystery to me. The game is programmed to be able to do this but players are punished for doing something completely within the bounds of the game?

That's like saying "thou shall not kill diablo more than 3 times in a week." My goodness, if town killing is prohibited, then disable townkilling. Blizzard cannot dump their programming incompetence on the users. You cannot punish people for playing the game using appropriate features. This kind of arbitrary policy enforcement is so corrupt and unconscionable.
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06/09/2013 12:56 AMPosted by Rimrot
If you're a douche and try and screw other players and you get the ban hammer, GOOD. Most likely the people who are willing to cheat, lie and steal in-game are also that type of person in real life. I would rather they not be apart of the community.

+1 Couldn't have said it any better.
Sound like a thief trying to legalize stealing as a sport.
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06/09/2013 05:55 PMPosted by Soupermann
on another related note, how is it possible for hardcore players to be banned for town killing? This is a mystery to me. The game is programmed to be able to do this but players are punished for doing something completely within the bounds of the game?
There is a clause against using game features in unintended ways.

So yeah, pretty much they can ban you for this.
Lord save me from wannabe lawyers. Well, any lawyers, really.

Try doing more research next time before making wild accusations about Blizz employees making rules up.
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So then scamming is not dishonest behavior, huh. If I was advertising that I had a 6% crit Mempo, but when we trade I give you a almost perfect Andariel's Visage for about 2 billion gold. Now after I got that 2 billion for a helm that is about 10 million gold. I can be certain you game play would be negatively impacted. More so if you spent real money buying the gold you used to give to me.

Now try and show me where that would not be obvious fraud, scamming, being a con man, etc.. Mr. Armchair lawyer. I think if your professors seen what you posted they might want to laugh you right out of law school.

This is what your OP and this thread has given me.


See what Godzilla is doing in the above link.

Any judge in the world would no doubt say that since the one that was perma banned. Since you voluntarily joined the community and was given the privilege to play the game as long as you followed the rules. I cannot do anything for you, those rules are want you agree to abiding by when you log on to play. It is like I said earlier, it is similar to joining a club. If you pay X amount of dollars to join a club. If you do not abide by the rules, and it says you must be expelled from the club. Then that is what will happen.

No judge in the world would be able to help you get back into that club. All he would say is the next club you join, please be sure the abide by the rules.

Damn, if we're really saying that dishonest behavior is enough to get an account closed, then pretty much everyone should get their accounts closed.

Some things are clearly obvious what is and what is not scamming. I do not think it would take an Einstein to figure it out. That is unless you support scammers and want them to be able to play the game with impunity.

If you did not get my example of what could happen in the game with a low end helm like an Andy one that might only go for 10 million if it was near perfectly rolled. Where a player only wants to sell that helm. But instead of only getting 10 million he wants to sell it as a crit Mempo that is advertised as perfectly rolled for about 2 billion+. I am certain that intention would be crystal clear. That the player never had a perfectly rolled Mempo but was wanting to pass off a perfectly rolled Andy as a perfectly rolled crit Mempo.

If you still think that would not be an obvious scam. Then I am real sorry but I cannot help clear it up any better than that. That is unless you are like the OP and want those scammers to play this game with impunity.
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06/09/2013 01:22 AMPosted by Soupermann
No, they are not. Just because you agree with something written on paper doesn't mean it has any meaning to it.

I guess then you are saying that you do not have to fulfill a contract that you signed, huh. You can take and sign a legal contract <insert type>. Then decide not to keep your end and not get into any trouble.

Further I guess you are saying that if you get caught IRL violating a traffic law and sign a ticket that says you must appear in court. You can decide not to show up and nothing will happen right. Maybe you can convince the arresting officers that will come to arrest you for failing to appear in court. Further you could even take a court order that you might have to sign just to leave court and throw it in the trash and do nothing with impunity. Maybe you could wipe your butt with it in front of the judge that signed the court order, right. I am now thinking that you are the one that got banned for scamming on a different account.

Just make sure that you do not do it again on this account or you will be saying bye bye to this account as well.
You have to love Karma!

oh gz on your new account xD
Blizzard can revoke access to their service at any time, and for any reason. Such a clause exists in nearly EVERY contract you sign if you take the time to read them over. It's usually not so they can arbitrarily revoke access just because they feel like it - it's really to protect them against lawsuits when a person is banned for doing something wrong, as is the case here. It's called "cover your a**."

That is just false.
06/09/2013 08:33 PMPosted by Ssrrekk
The op isn't a lawyer. He is the guy that got his account shut down for scamming. GG move along...

Stop trolling the thread with personal attacks on people.

The sum involved in the second life case $18,000K ++. The company had banned him but refused to give him the money that was in his account. In Second Life you can buy land to landscape as you wish and build night clubs,homes, stores,etc. Some pieces of land in Second life sell for $4,000 K USD plus a monthly payment of $200. Second Life accused him of using an illegal land purchasing scheme that gave him the ability to buy land for less than other players. Umm Blizzard does not allow players to cash out their items when they are banned . Hmmmm.

By the way, how was the case resolved? Did the plaintiff prevail and get his money?

The case was settled between the player and Second Life. Not sure of the terms of the settlement they may be confidential
IMO, scammer should have lost his online privileges, but should still have been able to play offline chars. That seems a more appropriate punishment than taking away the game entirely.

This is also part of the problem I have with Diablo 3's lame DRM. I like to own my games, not lease them from the developer. Only because of the Diablo name did I get Diablo 3. Any other game that tried to give me so many restrictions without providing a meaningful MMO experience (SimCity for instance, didn't get that) doesn't get my money.
Since the game is always online, it becomes 100% useless if they ban you. So i think that if you were banned for something like this you would still have some grounds to complain.
What should happen is that your character just looses the ability to trade.

Now if there was an offfline solo mode you could at least somewhat benefit from your $60 purchase by stlll being able to play the game.

Then again i suppose the consumer is supposed to be "informed" and know that this game is always online before he buys it..
Although a normal person would not expect a game with no real multiplayer to be always online :/
06/09/2013 01:13 AMPosted by Soupermann
Just because they write that into the policy doesn't mean it has any real legal effect. Blizzard's policy is not some holy bible. You are entitled to the service you paid for.

Love how you were proven wrong then proceed to argue that it doesn't matter. You remind me of the horrible dialogue of Azmodan and Diablo, constantly spouting with indignation every time you are bested that it doesn't matter, so you really didn't fail when all it does is make you look stupider and lamer.
I agreed, In over 2K hours of play I have only once had a player try to scam and when I highlighted this they said 'i'm freakin them out' and they left game.

The reputation of the who community can be damaged by such actions of actions like this.

Good on Blizzard for taking action to support the Diablo community. Keep it up and hopeful we can rid our environment of such trash!
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