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Legal Perspective: Witnessed a Scammer Get Banned


We think that they own your account and can do whatever they like with it for any reason they like. What would someone sue for, their 60 dollars back?

True. Also they are rich, they can hire the best lawyer , we wont never win to get $60 back :)
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He stepped on the wrong tail.
Boo fking hoo. Did y'all really waste all this time arguing over online douches who makes a living out of screwing over other traders. Casually my !@#, most of those scam spammers are seasoned douches who specifically set out to conduct false trades which have real-world monetary effects. If I was at that cafe everyone is getting high fives.
Imagine this scenario,

"Hi welcome to Blizzard Cable Services. Please pay subscription fees in advance, and by the way, we can take your money and discontinue service at any time whenever we want. So give us your money at your own risk."

And this is the reason why D3 will be the last game I buy without downloading full system requirements from the net. I will never buy another cloud / MMO game. I will only buy single-player offline games, so I can keep my game forever, and I never have to worry about net lag ruining my gameplay.
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Good to know Blizzard is constantly banning even if we don't hear about it from them.
hahahahaha...douche got what was coming to him hahahahaha...Bit him RIGHT in the ace. Dang, it feels good to know justice is being done in the world. Best part is knowing he got upset about it hahahaha...
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"We reserve the right to change/add policy's with or without notice" is the line that makes this entire thread pointless :\

All accounts are owned by Blizzard not by us they can take away your access without even giving you a reason if you read the EULA/ToS so good luck sueing them for this :\
YES.. justice served.
looks like OP lost a lot of gold and items from that account.


This License Agreement is effective until terminated. You may terminate this License Agreement at any time by providing notice to Blizzard customer service via email at support@blizzard.com, at which time Blizzard will remove your license to use the Game from the Account. Blizzard may terminate this Agreement at any time for any reason or no reason. Upon termination, all licenses granted herein shall immediately terminate and you must promptly remove the Game from your hard drive.
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Buyer has no recourse, class action or otherwise. Read EULAs before you decide to play lawyer. Case closed.
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06/09/2013 12:48 AMPosted by jt217
That's really disappointing if they banned him just for that.

I'd be dismayed if they AREN'T banning people for this!

The scamming policy listed is a protection for when items are dropped on the ground, at that point anyone can pick em up. It's specifically states they do cover 'secure' systems, ie the trade window.
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06/10/2013 04:14 AMPosted by doomshalo21
Upon termination, all licenses granted herein shall immediately terminate and you must promptly remove the Game from your hard drive.

"Upon termination, all licenses granted herein shall immediately terminate and you must promptly remove the Game from your hard drive."

Very confusing (the bold type)
Legal Perspective : From a 16 year old trying to play lawyer.
if u scam u should be banned. now if I have a pice of poop item and an idiot offers me 2 bill its not a scam now if I say this is 2 bill to buy from me than not my fault whats your opion? ive had a few ppl overpay me and not like I told them to offer that much they just offerd to much not my fault im just hopeing the blizz staff has the sence to tell who is a scammer and who is just dealing with really really stupid ppl who have more bucks than brains
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If it really happened that way, and your friend has really been suspended for this type of "scamming" (and not using bots or 3rd party), then I would say this is highly problematic.

Did he trick people into buying wrong stuff? Sure. Does he deserve a ban for this, even if he does it systematically? Surely not.

First, Blizzard can never prove he did it intentionally, maybe just he himself confused the items he trades, because he has so many (unlikely, but the possibility still is there). Second, Blizzard is not responsible for you clicking the "ok" in the trade. What is this game rated, 16? Sorry, if you take this game so serious to come and complain on the forums about some scammer, you might also take some seconds to double check the item in the trade window.

There was a game in Warcraft III, where some guy killed his main building, built it on some hidden place, and told his opponent he had some weird bug and he didn't spawn with any buildings. He won that game, because he enemy really couldn't scout where he rebuilt, and left. Should this guy also be banned?

There will always people to trade to scam you, but as long as they don't use 3rd party, it's not really cheating, even when they do it regularly, they are just taking advantage of people who are too gullible, but this shouldn't be a bannable offense. It's the same kind of people who will say "Diablo 3 is responsible for ruining my high school grades", shifting the responsibility to something or someone other. With such a system, the state breeds a generation of people who will always see the fault in some other's actions and will always live off of social welfare.

Also don't forget that with the same logic, every auction house flipper should also be banned, because he "scams" a potential buyer with some item he bought cheaper.

TL,DR suck it up and deal with it, stop delegating your responsibility.

So a flipper advertises WTS crit Mempo and sells and Andy helm huh. No they take advantage of a player that either does not know the true price. Or does not care to get the highest amount possible. The one that just wants it off of his inventory. Big difference than someone that knowingly is scamming by using bait an switch or some other method of even getting something for nothing.

This post is just someone nodding his empty head in agreement. The OP got what he deserved.

Intent is gonna be obvious, all Blizz has to do is check the game logs. First check the chat logs, then check to see what items where in fact traded and it against what ones were offered for trade. Then ask how many reports have been filed against this player. If he/she has been doing the same thing for months then it is clearly obvious what is going on here.
cause lets be honest einstien isn't the word id use to describe the general population of diablo unless im using it sarcasticly lmao
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