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Need a Gear check for an aspiring monk :D

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I was hoping if monk veterans and fellow monkies could help me decide what to upgrade. I know I can upgrade my gear but right now, I'm unsure how to achieve that and I have trouble deciding what to purchase.

Also I'm running the cookie cutter cyclone build with FoT, I was thinking of picking up a WKL :p

Thanks peeps.

Also my budget is 2.9 BEEEEZ :D
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my guess, and i'm no expert is that you could benefit from buying some kick butt weapons with higher damage. thats what i would do with all that cash you got!!!
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I wouldn't worry about your weapons yet, I would get a new Nats ring you could get another 5-7k dps out of a better one then I would get a better Witching Hour or look at a new chest piece the Innas set is only good if you have 2 or 4 pieces having 3 doesnt do much, but it all depends on you budget
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Thanks for the advice peeps :D
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essentially, you're going to need to regear your entire character if you intend to spend your entire budget

in order of budget percentage:

MainHand: typically rare sword/axe with dex + cd + (2.7 or greater LS) + Socket - 15%

off hand: WKL with native CD and socket - 10 to 15%

helm: with this budget you could probably purchase a decent 9/4.5 Mempo, pay attention to the armor/all res/stat/ and life % rolls and be patient for the right deal ~1B

witching hour: dex + vit + all res 10 - 15%

pants: inna's with double dex + vit or double vit + dex

chest: inna's ... i prefer the double vit version and you could probably grab 400+ stat points

bracers: crafted with vit + armor + 55 or greater all res + 5cc or more

nat's ring: average damage + cc + all res or socket or dex or more average damage

other ring: unity or wailing host with avg dmg + ias or rare with avg dmg + all res + ias + cc + dex or socket or both

gloves: dex + all res + 8+ ias + 9+ cc + possibly vit

amulet: AVG DMG + alotta dex + cd around 60+ + 8.5 or more cc - try to get one defensive mod as well like alotta vit or % life or all res, make it a significant source as well

shoulders: good vile wards beat all but the most GG of crafts, so i would advise picking up a pair of those until you craft some, for these look for 250+ dex, 50+ int, 75+ vit
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what u said is matched my gears, only thing i would want update is the skull grasps ring with FoT boost like the one am using
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what u said is matched my gears, only thing i would want update is the skull grasps ring with FoT boost like the one am using

i'm a big fan of the cookie cutter build, there's something about the "hiss" of the cyclones that gets me : )
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