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[Public Game] Nirvana + Cyclone Strike Spam

Hey fellow monks,
Thought I might share this and get some feedback on this playstyle.
I have been running the Nirvana (TM by Fitz haha) for a while in public games. However, one of the major issue for me when I run this in public game (when I'm the only monk) is that the pillars always do some knockbacks on trash mobs, which can be annoying to other party members. And without a CS monk, it is difficult to group the mobs/blue elites together to do maximum damage.

So I tried to incorporate CS into Nirvana.
I bought some -CS spirit gears and started spamming them.
And the results is quite amazing. Basically, I just start spamming CS until spirit runs out, then activate nirvana. If the monster is an elite, I will spam pillar; if trash mob, I will just spam CS in Nirvana. For my current set up, it takes about 3-5 CS to kill trash (MP8) which is really effective with high attack speed.

The WD, DH, Wiz and Barb all love this because
1. CS incapacitates the mob (0.5sec?; don't use on elites that spawn DoT or Frozen though when they are already frozen by the CM wiz),
2. Groups the mob
3. AOE and high damage

The only concern is that I think this build will annoy the hell out of my fellow monk, since they need to hit the mob to do their thing i.e. cyclone, spirit etc. (mobs will be dancing when I spam CS)
So I don't use it when there is another monk in the group, but if there isn't, it is really quite an effective build for public games with only 1 monk ;)

If you guys try it, do leave a feedback on how it goes. Have fun!
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you are going to annoy alot of people (especially hota barbs) - why are you spamming CS if you dont need to? you already said mobs will be dancing when you spam CS, why not just spam pillar then? spam pillar then CS is a more effective approach
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Hi Shdwflare,

I only spam CS for clearing trash mobs. For elites, I will use pillars.

you are going to annoy alot of people (especially hota barbs) - why are you spamming CS if you dont need to?
Most Barbs (80-90%) don't use HotA on trash mobs. They like to spin around and takes relatively long to kill trash mobs. Spamming CS can clear trash within 1-2 sec. DH won't have a problem since most of them autoaim or use rapidfire. The clustered monsters provides good targeting. CM wiz simply cast their ww on top of me. Only those that do single target damage are affected i.e. most monks, so I do not use it when other monks are around.

you already said mobs will be dancing when you spam CS, why not just spam pillar then?
Pillar knocks back trash mobs. And moving around casting pillar to adjust to the position of the mob during Nirvana (5sec) will result in alot of time/potential damage wasted.

spam pillar then CS is a more effective approach
Yes, this approach is taken when dealing with elites.


(also to add, I'm using this in public games where many of them have less than optimal gears. If you have a dedicated farming group with high DPS, of course this would be silly)
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I mean, you titled this thread as a Public game build but its very obvious by your skill choices that you are really just looking out for yourself in game not for the party.

Pacifism, Exalted, Beacon.....

No guided light.....

Cyclone Strike reduced cost, no implosion to pull more targets, no soothing breeze to heal your buddies.....

And i know fists of fury is needed for the breathe of heaven spirit boost but it comes with a knockback on every hit
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I was last playing single player so the pacifism.
I do use guided light when playing in party

Implosion cost is too high, can't keep up with the spam
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Hoping you are not the CS noob spammer.
Those guys mess me up all the time >:[
pull elite away from me while i am standing in plague and molten getting good LS, then I die
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