Diablo® III

Gear Check for penniless Monk

I do about 60k+ unbuffed dps with my monk and have trouble now upgrading gear for higher MPs as stuff on the AH is getting too damn expensive.


What should I buy? I think I really need a weapon upgrade but good WKL prices are crazy now and I have only about 10mil in the bank.

Any input is much appreciated :-)
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you wont like what I have to say but why haven't you stacked one particular resist for owe like all cold or all arcane

and resolve doesn't work on things that kill you

baggins with a evil grin™
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Ya your resists are all over the place, keep crafting until you get ar on your shoulders and bracers along with more vit then you can drop owe at least for now because it's not doing much for you anyway.
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Ok noted any other tips?

Just got my resists up a lil thx for the advice :)
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To be honest 10 mill isn't much I would just hold onto the gold and continue to slowly craft better gear till you can find an item worth 100mill or so. Even with 100 mill upgrading for higher mp is hard unless you want to spend forever trying to snipe items.

If you want to spend a few mill though I would suggest throwing it at rings and I would probably drop the hellfire ring till you get one that's really worth using as the extra %exp doesn't help if your clear speed is slower because of it.
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Thanks appreciate the feedback, if so what kind of rings should I get?
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With your weapons stick with cc and ias on rings, those are not cheap but will benefit you the most for life recovery and the cd gems you are using.
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What about CHD?
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If you can find a trifecta for less than 10m go for it, also avg damage can beat chd in many cases so take your time on the search and good luck.
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Add me in-game, I've got a few items I could give away that would up your DPS (and possibly survivability) substantially. They're not worth much on the AH, and I'd much rather see them go free to a good cause than get flipped to price gouge some other poor soul.
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Having problems connecting will do when I can :) Thank you
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i've boosted my guy with 15-20 mil up to around 129kdps.... (not this set of gear though). you should be able to crack 100k dps with some upgrades from AH with your 10 mil. new ring will help big time instead of hellfire
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