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Skorn or 1 hander and uhkapian serpent?

i always loved the WD but always felt underpowered to me. so im hopping ontghe cloud bats bandwagon and picked up a cheap ls skorn just to test out the build and its good but im having a hard time surviving mp8. i need to upgrade a couple items but my main question is is skorn the end all weapon for the build or can a 1hander plus uhkapian serpent be better or just as effective? Im running spiritual attunement to help with mana until i get a good enough feel for the build. also im currently running with BBV/Slam dance and Mass Confusion/paranoia. i really dont want to run dogs because it seemed to hinder monsters coming to me and having to run and restart bats. are there any other skills that are viable in those slots? Maybe spirit barage/spirit is willing to help with mana. Im running Jungle fortitude instead of spirit vessel but i was gonna try out spirit vessel tonight to see if that helped any. sorry for the long post and thanks for your time!
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Either works, really. Skorn hits slow and hard and is a bit easier on mana, while using a 1h+offhand hits fast and a bit weaker. However you're given more freedom with offhands, with things like Thing of the Deep and its giant pickup range bonus.

Skorn however, is cheaper than an equivalent 1h+oh combo, if you're on a budget.
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I guess skorn is the way to go. i really wanted to go with a mojo but i only have like 600 mil and i dont want tp spend it all since i havent sold anything on the AH worth anything in a long time. and i need to upgrade other items as well as i have been doin lower MP but just could never find a build that i could play for a while until this one.
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I used MCK and TotD before but the LS can't sustain high MP runs. A good friend suggested I find a Skorn with the these stats: Main stat, 180+ CD, 5 LS and 1350 damage... I was able to find one with only 1260ish damage for 20mil. My Marquis Ruby pushed the damage to 1400+. I still die at MP8 but I can push to MP10 solo now. Your 600M should find you a better Skorn than mine.. :)
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06/09/2013 12:22 PMPosted by ElKastador
I used MCK and TotD before but the LS can't sustain high MP runs.

Sure it can. With MCK and TotD, I steamroll MP8 with no problems. (Except for Reflect packs, which I have to switch to a Skorn for) Skorn's higher LS% just makes it so that you can run with lower eHP, so if you're dying at high MP's with 1h+oh, then your eHP is too low.
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LS is just fine on MP10 with a 1 hander. You just have to be careful vs reflect but pestilence makes that a lot easier
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SKORN for MP10


Used to use Ukhapian Serpent. Maybe I use again in the near future?
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echoing fury as a WD lool?
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Under no circumstances should a wd ever use an echoing fury...

If you want to manage mp10 I suggest you buy a Skorn with +5.5% life steal. Then craft a better pair of bracers and buy a decent pair of (cheap) rare pants. For the pants look for +150 intel, +200 vit, +60 ar, +armor, and 2 socks. Drop armor if it is too expensive.
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Your CC is a bit low, I can stand still cast COB to attack at mp10 Oasis, Field of Misery, Field of Slaughter no issue. When I start to play WD, I was told Skorn is OP, but not my style, I can't stand the slow attack rate and also lesser big yellow damage (critical hit), i went MCK + Mojo. With that Crit hit is almost every hit, thanks to 8-10% CC from Mojo. When u can Crit hit so often, the life steal sure can heal and sustain u in MP10.
Get yourself min 750AR, 60k HP and 3500 armor (I'm still trying hard to achieve high armor, but still can survive with 3200 now.).
If you go Skorn way, you will need high armor and HP probably from pant/bracer; With mojo u can can get 100-200 Vit there , still can play with 24% MS.
Just my 2 cent, hope it help, :)
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I would strongly advise a Skorn for mp10 simply for reflect damage packs. A 1h+OH combo is going to be your best bet for EHP and possibly for dps as well, but you will probably want a Skorn to swap to for reflective packs.
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If you get your res and armor high enough you
don't need the extra ls of a skorn even for reflect, now
that I'm over 4500 armor I don't notice a difference
in survivability the things that kill me will still kill me
even if I use my skorn you just have to reduce the
damage coming in and the only way to do that is to
raise your res and armor no other class can face
tank with low res and armor.
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If you get your res and armor high enough you
don't need the extra ls of a skorn even for reflect

The required damage reduction to break even against Reflect is [ 100 - (LS * 2) ]. So with 1h and 3% LS, you need...94% damage reduction just to break even. Almost impossible to achieve without some kind of buff to armor or AR. Whereas with a Skorn and 5.5% LS, you only need 89%. Big difference.

It's much cheaper and easier to just use a Skorn against reflects than to possibly gimp your DPS to get that much eHP, or spend billions to get good gear with that much armor/AR.
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Well im 91.86 with out soul harvest and I have no problem
with reflect even with bbv up and ya its easier with a skorn
but with the price of a good skorn it might not be that much
cheaper anymore.
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I have tried both and for my style I prefer skorn

wont go back to 1H
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This isn't a choice you will really get a consensus on because they're both good setups that give up one thing for another. You're giving up crit chance and gear flexibility (mana, regen, pickup, skill bonuses) to use a Skorn; you're giving up life steal and crit damage with a 1h & mojo. Figure out which one you want more.

Personally I think it isn't a terrible idea to carry both, because while I think Skorn slightly inferior for most duties it is clearly superior when dealing with Reflect Damage monsters. My next purchase will be a very nice Skorn to weapon swap to for this purpose alone instead of a stat upgrade.
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The problem is a really good skorn isn't
cheap the 1 I have 1402 damage 185crit
330int and 5.4 ls cost me 1b gold and I
still lose over 10k damage to my 1h setup
it's just not cost effective for a lot of players
to carry both just for reflect damage that's
why I'm pushing my res and armor up to
find the point were you don't need the extra
ls and buy the way my 1h setup was only
750m for both axe and mojo
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I do carry a skorn in act 3 and 4 but I only equip it if I die to a reflect pack. which doesn't happen too often. its very rare that I actualy switch to it.

with the prices being high on int skorns I may just sell it as market is pretty good for high dam skorns and save up for itemisation patch although its still probably eons away, lol!
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Skorn is better in every way. 1hder is for preeners.
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06/10/2013 11:20 AMPosted by Aimless
Skorn is better in every way. 1hder is for preeners.

No, Skorn is not "better in every way".

Neither Skorn nor 1h are "better" than the other. They both have their pros and cons.
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