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Rate the monk above you. v-do you even lift?

9/10. Not too many people pay attention to WKL lighning increase damage, but you do.
just use Blinding Flash - Faith in the Light, those 3 seconds blast everything.

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Cant say much
7/10. Nice monk.. I'd expect more dps out of that quality gear though. I think it's the low CD that's dragging you down.

Cant say much
7/10. Nice monk.. I'd expect more dps out of that quality gear though. I think it's the low CD that's dragging you down.

On it. I am going to do my best to up it this weekend. I want more dps :(
@ Taken

9.5/10 if not a flat 10/10 but is that dodge % from 6th Sense worth the slot?

Either way, beast mode Monk!

My turn! :D
@ ginjii, really good start!

I love it how you're already gearing without OWE!!! Solid armor, you might wanna try and get some more AllRes, and Vit, but your HP to EHP ratio is nice and balanced. Clear upgrades can come from crafted gloves, bracers, and an Ammy. Ideally you want more offensive stats on jewelry, but I'm no one to talk since my Ammy is also loaded with HP.

You can get some extra easy stats just by upgrading your gems as you can. Try and get your skorns gem up to radiant as soon as you can, that's a good amount of cd your missing. As you get more DPS, the LS on your Skorn will shine more and more. Bells are like an instant potion!!!

No complaints, gonna give ya a 6/10 lots of room to grow, but a fantastic start!
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Really nice monk K1llface, 9/10. I know you have good ehp (better than mine) I still like to see 1000vit tho. I wonder if replacing the AR on your armor w/ an extra 120+ vit would provide just as much ehp for you as w/ ar, allowing you to drop vit on another piece or put a ruby in your helm.

Just punched in your armor into d3up, it looks like a straight dex/vit innas armor would increase your ehp by about 25k.
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nice natalya gears man! and witching hour too. continue crafting gloves to get attack speed so you can drop lacunis for higher dps from a crafted bracer :) 8/10
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@dro, I was wondering about going all out for a double dex/vit chest or pants, just nervous about the loss of all res... I know it's sort of a clear progression toward more DPS, but I still die a lot more than I'd like to admit. As an effing tank of a cm wizard I can stand in triple desecrator, I gotta get used to moving around a lot more as a monk...

Good luck on crafting gloves and bracers!
@kim. 9/10.

Your build is very intriguing with the ruby in mh and high dex and crit in off hand. Im thinking of testong this idea tonite. Either way, very nice monk.
@SilentKiller 7/10

Good non EF overall setup. Would be nice if you could craft a better dps ammy and a higher vit innas.
@OTWA, bit low on hit points, but other than that good looking Monk. 8/10


Nice epic gear, crazy hit points and props with the assist in the 2h guide. Overall 9.5/10

Nice amulet and WKL! maybe continue crafting for bracers and gloves. 7/10 monk

rate me please :)
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I want that ammy!

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Top Tier Shen DPS and solid all around stats. Just try and pick up your Life Total to about 45K and add a bit more LOH in your build. You will have a hard time running anything passed MP8 with your current sustain.


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Yu gearz sux bro. Y u no have 300k dpssszzs?!!1one!!1???


The hidden modifier in each Shen glove located in the middle finger area doubles my pDPS to 400k when it smacks haters in the mouth bro. =)

1/10 your gear is on backwards bro. But I guess you want your boxers on that way for ez access...I get it.

I'll see you on line later tonight.

@CC and Fitz

Both of your gears are suck! (-20/10).
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