Diablo® III

Two New Act Suggestions

So I have some suggestions for the game. I highly doubt they would be considered, but what the heck I'll give it a shot. Can't please everybody, AM I RIGHT!?

So my first idea is having an Act in between 2 & 3. IMO it is kind of dumb that you go from the desert straight to the wall. So my idea would make act 3 now be 4 and act 4 turns into 5.

So my idea is that after you kill Kul and Belial. Which would be the first use of the soul stone in the game. You get transported back in time to when Kul first made the Soul Stone.
The whole act could take place in an area similar to Act 1 or even make it Old Tristram and leads to an older run down version of the Desert in Act 2.
The story of it could go about dealing with the first demon lords with Kul and originally trapping them inside the soul stone. Could be another hunt down for Kul the first half then the second half is hunting down a few Demon Lords for him possibly even coming in contact with the Enchantress's master!? Not sure how that would work since that's 1000 years in the past, but this is just a thought..

My 2nd Idea for an act would be after you kill Diablo so if you use my last idea it would make a total of 6 acts. After you kill Diablo he falls to the Earth and the soul stone shatters... BUT!
It releases the demon lords previously caught from my version of act 3.
It would be about taking care of the remaining demons in the world.
The act could take place in some form of Rain Forest / Jungle that leads onto a beach where you get to go defend Kings Port from one of the released Demon Lords,
After that you hear of a SEA MONSTER that has arisen so you take a ship to check it out, Create an event on the ship where you fight monsters and defend the boat leading to yet another Demon Lord boss, after that you figure out that there's an Island where diablo and the soul stone died over so you go to the Island where you fight the last of the Demon Lords and possibly face a zombified version of Diablo. AND END!

I hope Blizzard likes my Idea. If they even see it. Can't please everyone. So if you plan on negatively bashing my idea on reply then just click that little X box upper right side on your browser. Criticism is fine because I don't know the Diablo Lore 100%, but name calling is not a relatively healthy way to go about expressing yourself as doing so reflects on who you are as a person and it causes your subconscious to be all stressed when you don't have to be.

Enjoy life, enjoy new ideas,
Take it easy &
Enjoy your demon hunting!
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