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200k dps pure TR Monk possible without IAS?

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Yes its possible barbine like many have shown.

My friend Stryder who havn't TRed with in forever, I should rectify this, has an awesome TR monk. Here is his Dprogress info:


He has an SOJ and Nats ring which I run as well and rolls with an 8 IAS Innas Temp. If you change out the Nats 2 pieces he will still be above 240k.

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06/10/2013 05:13 AMPosted by FE3DOE
Someone calling my TR monk? =p

circular breathing nope
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Someone calling my TR monk? =p

circular breathing nope

That's just for bell spamming.. You know i have enough spirit regent on my soj and helm.. Lol
Can change the build whenever i want it.. Lol
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06/10/2013 05:52 AMPosted by BDF
Someone calling my TR monk? =p

Epic zuni boots, but why 9 IAS on pants?

WTB better Crit dmg roll on mai hamma

Lazy to remove the gems. As the gems at my second monk.. Lol
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Now i can consider pure? Lol
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So bored at work I ran some numbers for you.

First swap out ruby for emerald in your skorn, immediate boost of 9k on your build.

If you can add 6cc, 50 chd, and 150 dex your over 200k right there.

I know exp is what you doing here but a cd/avg dmg nats ring and 275+ dex boots would be 20k dps boost.

Then start crafting gloves for more dex and cd. Anyway good luck.

Edit: forgot to factor in elemental dmg on zunis.
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The first achievement of the TR monk is to focus your efforts around TR and SW; acquire the four pieces of Inna to break the 200k barrier.

The second achievement of the TR monk is to internalize the four pieces of Inna's; focusing only on TR while allowing SW to flow freely like the river in springtime.

The third and final achievement of the TR monk is to no longer focus on TR at all. TR becomes an old friend; helpful no matter what build you use. SW becomes like the stars in the sky; always present but requiring no thought.

It is only then that you will be truly at peace.

-Teachings of Y'Tar
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Gimme dat hammer right now druin!

or at least share some of its crit dmg >.>
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Now i can consider pure? Lol

overawe? no
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06/10/2013 11:42 AMPosted by kukabuka
overawe? no

What's wrong with overawe?

If your sources of dmg are Tempest Rush (155% wpn dmg/tick) and Sweeping wind (60% wpn dmg/tick):

(155% + 60%) * (1.12+0.12) = 266.6% /tick

(155% + 60% +13%) * (1.12) = 255.3% /tick

Except now with overawe your Mystic Ally does more dmg and so do your cyclones.
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