Diablo® III

Amazing Adventures of Van Helsing VS D3?

Would you say its worth a shot at $15 on steam?

I tried marvel heroes and didn't like it one bit. Tried POE and didn't like it.

Always kept coming back to D3. D3 makes online fun like Left 4 dead. Convenient and just plain easy fun.
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I'd wait till its on sale for like $5, or at least $10. July is coming up, might go on sale then at least for $10. I wanna try it out even though it holds on to outdated crap like inventory tetris, but the setting and such looks interesting enough to give it a whirl for cheap.
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I heard it's fun. I dunno if it's online, but 15$ for any game is worth it unless it's complete garbage. I'd try Grim Dawn if anything.
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I like the atmosphere and graphics. That aspect looks amazing!
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well I just finished downloading it and to my surprise this game is incredible. Well worth the asking price most fun I have had in a long time.

Its just like D3 but better atmosphere. That old Europe vampire setting ow man you can't beat that.

The art is fantastic I must say, its good for a couple runs till you get the story line down, it won't have replay value like D3 due to D3 having RMAH where you feel the urge to try and win the lottery to sell an item for $100 USD on RMAH but for story line and a nice run its a fantastic game.

Actually MUCH better than D3 when it first came out.
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I have beat it, and it really is not fair to compare Van Helsing to Diablo 3, they are very different games, outside of being the same genre.

The game is not designed to be played past beating it. I think an endless mode was/is being added to the game, but not sure why you would want too. You do not have very many skills to use, so you could bored very quickly. This is completely opposite to Diablo 3, in fact the first play through of the game is an after thought.

Van Helsing is a lot of fun, I put 10 hours in it, had fun. Game had/has loads of technical issues. You get bored of using the same bland skills with boring animations over and over. Loot system in the game is really fun (I am sick of playing indie games with more interesting itemization at this point...)
Story is meh, I stopped caring pretty quickly. Environments look fantastic, character and enemy models range from terrible to cool.

For the price, the game is fun to pick up play, and put down. Do not expect this game to fill a void until the itemization update though.
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Yeah its great for $15 considering D3 was $60 when it came out and was pay to win at the time.
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06/11/2013 12:05 PMPosted by JOHN
Yeah its great for $15 considering D3 was $60 when it came out and was pay to win at the time.

At the time? Has something changed? I thought it still was P2W only the prices are rather astronomical now.
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Well you can get 200 million gold for $5 USD

consider it a small fee to keep the servers up and running and have community managers.

200 mill gold will buy you more than enough items for all 5 characters to beat inferno

I got D3 for $20 on Amazon so $5 was no big deal for me.

Look at my items only a few were bought with the $5, most were found
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