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New Graphics Card issues

So my old graphics card ran the game just fine but the bearings on the fan were shot. The old graphics card was a Geforce 6500 the new one is a Geforce 610 GT. My drivers are updated and yet the game is very choppy. Any ideas why this is?
Quad Core 2.33 Ghz
4 gigs of ram
Geforce 610 GT 2 Gig
Direct x 11
Windows Vista
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Well according to this, the probable bottleneck in your system is the video card.

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If the game was not choppy before the new vid card, then it is not the processor. Video settings can be a major key to this. Same goes for which version of direct X you use. The Geforce website has some utilities and such to help you optimize games using their cards. D3 is one of the games they support so you can try seeing if they have any suggestions for the best settings.
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The 610 has very limited 3d rendering power.

48 Cuda cores isn't going to do much.

What is your WEI indicator for 3d graphics? Anything less than about 6.8 your going to have frame rate issues in D3. <Control Panel -> Performance Information & Tools>
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Apparently my score went down? my graphics score was 5.5 now it is 4.3? How does that make sense? i Went from a 512mb card to a 2 gig one???????????? How is that a bad thing?
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Memory capacity is not synonymous with performance. It's entirely possible (as you've now discovered) to get more memory on a slower card - and some cards which come with different amounts of memory are even slightly slower if you take the higher capacity option (they have to relax the timings sometimes).

Graphics card performance is the sum of a great many parts. GPU clock speed, "shader" count (and clock speed if it's different to the GPU speed), memory speed, memory bandwidth and much, much more, right down to the fundamental architecture of the GPU itself.

Curiously, are you sure your old card was a 6500? I've never heard of one of them with 512MB of vRAM before - 256MB was the highest I'd ever heard of.
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It was a typo my card was the 9500 GS not the 6500. SO it was a 512mb. The guy at the store promised me this would be way better. Now i am pissed off.
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The guy at the store obviously isn't technical and only re-read the marketing bling on the box.

When buying a video card remember the first # in the model is just the series. The second number is indicative of performance.

To get something close to your 9500, you would have to get a gts 450 or higher. GTX you can go one model down Though I don't think they make GTX 640s though.

So something like:


would just cut through Diablo 3. This would take your wei scores into the low to mid 7's.
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What? A gts 450 is 3x or 4x more powerful than a 9500 gs. You are jumping just too much generations. http://www.hwcompare.com/7819/geforce-9500-gt-ddr2-vs-geforce-gts-450-1gb/.

The 9500gs has 32 cuda cores...The 450 has 192. They aren't even close.

Now, comparing the 610gt and the and the 9500gs the 9500gs is about 20% faster than the 610.

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Uselessn00b, sounds like you need to go sell video cards. Besides Spike should get extra achievements for getting to level 60 in hardcore on such low end hardware. :) Not to mention Paragon 54 at that!

At one time newegg had 9800gt's, but you need an additional 6 pin pci plug for it. Sounds like the 9500 and the 610 just use the 75 watts provided by the PCI x16 slot.
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610 is low stats of the 600 series -- if you just bought perhaps you can return it for a 630, 640, or up.

video options
-- test by lowering video settings,
-- test by turning off shadows, turn off physics
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K thanks so much guys. I returned the 610 and got a 640. It wa son sale so it was oly 30 bucks more. My performance score went from a 4.3 toa 5.9 on the graphics card so now the game is smooth again.
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Ok I am running an AMD Phenom x4 9600, 4MB DDR2 Ram, Nvidia GTX 260 and can barely manage 6 FPS in Co-Op mode, seems like it got worse when 1.07 came out. Any ideas? All game settings are already at lowest possible.
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LOL I stopped reading when you said 4mb of DDR2 ram. Typo or Troll?
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Not everyone is perfectly versed in home PCs, to the point where it still isn't uncommon to hear people refer to just the harddrive capacity as being the entire computer. Even so, not-knowing the correct terminology is not just cause for making fun of someone - I guarantee you there's something they're better versed in than you are, and I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate them making fun of you because of it.

Dragon, you're better off starting a new thread for that. It would be helpful if you could prepare a DXDiag report (there are details on how to do this on the Blizzard support sites) so people can get a better idea of exactly what hardware and software you're using.
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Cow go moo!
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