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This is regarding using the likes of machinima tools in order to create cinematic sequences with the in-game environment through camera manipulation.

I've also submitted a ticket before, but I sort of anticipated an answer that went along the lines of "don't use third party programs," which is essentially what I got. I totally understand that. However, there have been a ton of video projects done in the past with WoW that involved machinima tools. In games like Starcraft and Warcraft III, they come with map editors that allowed for total control over the in-game camera.

Here's a Diablo III machinima tool in action:

In Diablo III, because of the risk of account suspension for using third party programs, the original creator of the machinima tool ceased working on the project out of fear. I personally would love to utilize such a tool in order to make cinematic sequences.

So I guess my question is: Is there any way around this? The game itself has no such tool, but there are creative geniuses out there that can produce such a tool for the sake of art.