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Nived´s Free Gearing Service (DW Barbs) Pt. 4


Sprint Mechanics, By: Nubtro
Ruby vs Emerald for WW Builds (d3rawr), By: Pri
HOTA (Hammer of the Ancients) FAQ, By: silverfire
Permawrath and "No Gen" Tips & Tricks (Video), By: RK
Commonly Used Abbreviations


Feel free to use these sets as a blueprint if you wish to build your own set. If you choose to build any of these sets, I suggest taking your time and shopping with open bids so you can maximize your budget.
Keep in mind that over time these sets will probably be upgraded, so refer to the d3up links underneath them.

NOTE: Some of these sets were assembled awhile back. I will be updating these sets as I construct newer sets for a better representation of what can be done nowadays.

underline = Built Recently

ITALICS = Built via Buyout

BOLD = Built via Open Bid

2.5M Budget Set

5M Budget Set (Without Gems)

60M Budget Set (Gems Included)

150M Budget Set (Gems Included)

Thanks to Eclipse, d3up links are under each set to ensure original gear is accurate.


Nived´s Free Gearing Service Pt. 1-4:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
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THE GOLDEN RULES (for breakpoints)

MH Mace w/ OH EF - 2.5 w/ both hands
.23aps EF - 35%ias on gear (9/9/9/8)
.24aps EF - 34%ias on gear (9/9/8/8 or 9/9/9/7)
.25aps EF - 33%ias on gear (9/8/8/8 or 9/9/9/6)

MH EF w/ OH Sword - MH: 2.5 and OH: 2.8
.23aps EF - 36%ias on gear (9/9/9/9)
.24aps EF - 35%ias on gear (9/9/9/8)
.25aps EF - 34%ias on gear (9/9/8/8)

MH Axe w/ OH EF - MH: 2.8 and OH: 2.5
.25aps EF - 45%ias on gear (9/9/9/9/9)

MH IAS Axe w/ OH EF - MH: 2.8 and OH: 2.5
.24aps EF w/ 8%IAS Axe - 34%ias on gear (9/9/8/8)
.25aps EF w/ 8%IAS Axe - 33%ias on gear (9/8/8/8)

MH EF w/ OH IAS Dagger - MH: 2.5 and OH: 3.34
.23aps EF w/ 11%IAS Dagger - 36%ias on gear (9/9/9/9)
.24aps EF w/ 11%IAS Dagger - 35%ias on gear (9/9/9/8)
.25aps EF w/ 11%IAS Dagger - 35%ias on gear (9/9/9/8)
.25aps EF w/ 10%IAS Dagger - 36%ias on gear (9/9/9/9)

LS Skorn: 1.67
42%ias on gear (9/9/8/8/8 or 9/9/9/8/7 or 9/9/9/9/6)

LS Skorn: 1.82
57%ias on gear (7 slots of IAS)

LS Skorn: 2.01
75%ias on gear (9 slots of IAS)

IAS Skorn: 1.67
8%IAS - 30%ias on gear (9/8/7/6 or 8/8/7/7)
9%IAS - 28%ias on gear (4 slots of IAS)
10%IAS - 27%ias on gear (9/9/9)
11%IAS - 26%ias on gear (9/9/8)

IAS Skorn: 1.82
8%IAS - 44%ias on gear (5 slots of IAS)
9%IAS - 42%ias on gear (5 slots of IAS)
10%IAS - 41%ias on gear (5 slots of IAS)
11%IAS - 39%ias on gear (5 slots of IAS)

IAS Skorn: 2.01
8%IAS - 61%ias on gear (7 slots of IAS)
9%IAS - 59%ias on gear (7 slots of IAS)
10%IAS - 57%ias on gear (7 slots of IAS)
11%IAS - 56%ias on gear (7 slots of IAS)

LS Sword: 2.01
19%ias on gear (3 slots of IAS)

LS Sword: 2.23
35%ias on gear (9/9/9/8)

LS Sword: 2.5
54%ias on gear (9/9/9/9/9/9)

IAS Sword: 2.01
6%ias on gear (1 slot of IAS)

IAS Sword: 2.23
21%ias on gear (3 slots of IAS)

IAS Sword: 2.5
39%ias on gear (5 slots of IAS)
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06/10/2013 05:44 PMPosted by Nived
IMO as a WW barb the most important aspect of having a well geared set is hitting the 2.5 breakpoint, so no matter what your budget is, we will make your set hit that mark.

I can't help but think this is a pot shot. I've been building 1mil sets for ww/hota builds that only hit 2.23. IMO it's the most efficient bp when trying to balance CD vs IAS.

I know what it's like to try to help the community and you get trolls coming into your thread trying to derail it. Morpheus with his woohooing is exactly what I'm talking about. Anyways, keep up the good work.
Build: WW/HOTA
Budget: 500m
EF: Whichever is the best upgrade!
Welcome Back
@ Nived

How about some 1B and 2B sample sets to go with your budget ones?
Pot shots fired bro.

Build: WW/HOTA
Budget: 500m
EF: Whichever is the best upgrade!

1) Since you wanna run ww/hota, it would be best to keep the IK Helm, as you need as much cc as possible. I would suggest getting an IK Helm with AR though.
2) IK Chest - 150str/200vit/750armor
3) Innas - 150vit (minimum)
4) Craft STR gloves. Pray for trifectas, but right now u need at least str/8-9%ias/8-9%cc. Anything else is just a bonus.
5) Craft STR ammies. Once you make the following upgrades you wont need that vit on your current ammy. its best to push pure DPS mods out of jewelry and focus on getting vit on gear.
6) Craft vit shoulders (200str/200vit/60ar+)
7) You are one slot shy of the 2.5 breakpoint because you will be using the IK Helm instead of a Mempo. I suggest picking up a rare ring with ias (40 avg dmg, 100str+, 8-9%ias, 4.5cc) to replace your Waling Host.
8) MH. you need a higher dmg EF.. once with STR as well. that int EF isnt doing you any favors.
a) .24-.25aps and 1150+ DPS
b) 200str+ or 50%cd (CD EF's are insanely expensive now with the current market)
9) OH Sword w/ 1000+ DPS, 100str+, 50%cd, 2.8LS, os
10) IK Belt (250str/50vit) Also, try to get one with +15 maximum fury, so you can maximize the HOTA cc.
11) With a MH EF, i highly suggest picking up a COLD SOJ. I wouldnt focus too much of your budget into getting a barb SOJ, so you can settle with a Non-barb, 6% cold/30% e dmg SOJ. IMHO the only barb SOJ worth the price tag is a -HOTA SOJ. With a -HOTA SOJ, the element doesnt need to necessarily be cold, as those cost upwards of 1B+ (see mine.. holy dmg FTW).

@ Nived

How about some 1B and 2B sample sets to go with your budget ones?

The challenge set isnt necessarily ideal for pure farming purposes bro. It was more directed towards soloing ubers. However, I am sure that set would handle VOTA fairly well, due to its high EHP. With the DPS, i would say it would be MP7-MP8 efficient.
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Guess you can kiss your free time bye-bye again. :P

And LOL @ below (#11)
a barb SON
06/10/2013 07:35 PMPosted by Eclipse
Guess you can kiss your free time bye-bye again. :P

Needed a little break from all the VOTA runs I've been doing lol.

And LOL @ below (#11)
a barb SON

lol.. didnt even notice. fixed
Build: WW/HOTA
Budget: around 1b including gems
EF: Uhh idk. probably OH

Not in a huge hurry to make the set so I'm hoping to get some deals. Looking for some guidelines for what I can get with my budget
Build: WW/HOTA
Budget: around 1b including gems
EF: Uhh idk. probably OH

Helm: Either a Mempo (250str+/9%ias) or an IK Helm (180str/70ar)
- Since you're using ww/hota, the IK Helm's cc will allow for better fury management
IK Chest: 150str/200vit/750armor (minimum)
Innas: 150vit (minimum)
Non MS IC's: 180str/140vit
Lacunis: str/5cc/9ias
- you can also throw some vit on those Lacunis, but you will have to lower the cc down to 4.5 in order to get a pair more suitable to your budget.
Gloves: your current gloves are very mediocre, but they will do for now, until u can craft better. Most important is the IAS (8-9%) and the CC (8% or higher).
Amulet: I suggest crafting STR ammies first. shoot for 200str/50%cd/8-9%cc.
Shoulders: Craft vit shoulders (200str/200vit/60ar+)
IK Belt: 250str/50vit
- try to get one with +15 max. fury for the extra HOTA cc
MH Ring:
1) In the event you go with a Mempo, get a Unity (40 avg dmg, 150str, 30cd, 4.5cc)
2) In the event you go with an IK Helm, get a rare ring with 40 avg dmg,100str, 8-9%ias, 4.5cc)
SOJ: Absolute must, considering you're using ww/hota, so im assuming you plan on farming elites. You can probably fit in a -3 or -4 HOTA SOJ into a 1B budget, especially if you're patient like you said. Doesn't necessarily have to be cold dmg, that will just make the price skyrocket.
MH: Axe
- 1000dps+, 100str+, 50%cd, 2.8ls, os
- .24-.25aps
- 1250dps+, 150str, os

NOTE: The problem with using a MH Axe and OH EF is that you will only be hitting the 2.5 breakpoint with both hands, whereas if you were to use a MH EF and OH Sword, you would hit 2.5/2.8. You will need a 5th slot of IAS to hit 2.8 with the MH Axe. If you change your mind and wanna run with MH EF and OH Sword here you go:

- .24-.25aps
- 1250dps, 150str, os
OH Sword:
- 1000dps+, 100str+, 50%cd, 2.8ls, os
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Thanks for the detailed list! I'll start shopping tomorrow
@ Nived

Yes mate, I realise that was a very specialised set which is why I ask whether you would consider building a more generalised mid-tier set so that people in this category have something to reference. I think it would be useful as there seem to be quite a few people in this bracket posting for advice.
Just a thank you for the service in advance!

Build: WW
Budget: 1.4b
EF: Its off hand at the moment, not sure what the difference is?
Hi Nived. Built my barb set a month or two ago (around 150 to 200m) just by reading on forums. I want to get to 200k unbuffed but I feel like Im stuck at my current level without dropping some serious cash. Would like to know your thoughts on my gearset and how to upgrade at this point.

Build: ww hota hybrid
Budget: 300m? Can I still get significant upgrades with this budget?
EF: Whatever works but OH EF procs on tornadoes less often I suppose?

Thanks in advance!
Build: WW/Hota
Budget: 500m
EF: offhand

Thanks for the help
Naw it's cool bro. People add me in-game and I'll just use one of those sets I build as a template. Thanks though.

Build: WW
Budget: 1.4b
EF: Its off hand at the moment, not sure what the difference is?

First, to answer your question, the highest tDPS is achieved while using a MH EF as opposed to an OH EF. MH EF's, just as all WW MH's, need a higher dmg range than OH EF's. This is because nado tick dmg is based off MH. The downside to using a MH EF is the more frequent fear procing, since each nado has the chance to proc, whereas with an OH EF it will only proc with WW.

1) Mempo 250str+/9ias (vit if u want, but not necessary)
2) IK Chest 180str/180vit/750armor (DOESNT NEED IMMEDIATE ATTENTION)
3) Non-MS IC's 180str/140vit
4) Lacunis 80str/5cc/9ias (if you add 80vit, lower the cc to 4.5 and u can grab a pair for just under 100m)
5) Gloves are fine for now. Craft STR gloves for an upgrade.
6) Craft STR ammies. Shoot for 200str/50%cd/8-9%cc
7) IK Belt 250str/50vit
8) Craft vit shoulders (200str/200vit/60ar+)
9) replace your Unity w/ CD Unity (40 avg dmg, 150str, 30cd, 4.5cc).
10) If all you do is trash farm (no elites), then get a rare ring that has similar stats to the unity above.
11) BUT if you do farm elites, which is what i suggest (DE's), pick up a Non-Barb SOJ with 6%cold dmg and 30% elite dmg.
12) Weapons - I highly suggest using a MH EF. It offers a lot of build flexibility. Using a stat stick OH opens up the option of using an offensive passive (berserker rage/brawler), because the stat stick will have LS. People like to complain about the fear, but in all honesty, it isnt bad if you're farming a MP that is efficient for your DPS. However, MOST people do the exact opposite.. farming MP10 with 180k DPS (under 2M tDPS).
MH Mace
a) 600-1200 dmg range
b) str,cd,os
a) .24-.25aps 850dps+
b) str,ls,os or 200+str,os or str,cd,os


a) .24-.25aps
b) 1250dps, str, os (CD if you can afford it)
OH Stat Stick
a) sword - 200str, 80cd, os (LS if you can afford it)
b) dagger - 100+str, 80cd, ias, os
NOTE: for the ias on the dagger, make sure you do your calculations and see how much ias u need in order to hit the 3.34 breakpoint.

For a breakpoint reference:
Build: ww hota hybrid
Budget: 300m? Can I still get significant upgrades with this budget?
EF: Whatever works but OH EF procs on tornadoes less often I suppose?

Yes, OH EF doesnt proc on nados AT ALL. It will only proc on WW alternating weapons. The first 3 in this list are most important and should be done first.
1) IK Chest w/ 150str/150vit/750armor (minimums)
2) Innas w/ 150vit (minimum)
3) Non-MS IC's 180str/140vit

4) Start crafting gloves since you will have an ik chest to maintain the 2pc. Pray for trifectas, but most important is the 8-9%ias and 8-9%cc. Shouldnt be too hard to craft better gloves.
5) WW/HOTA requires a higher level of CC, as opposed to pure ww. CC is VERY important to feed ur fury for HOTA. Because of this, you can choose to pick up an IK Helm (170str/60ar = ~30m). If you go this route, keep your current OH IAS ring, as you will need it to hit the 2.5 breakpoint. If wish to stick with a Mempo, replace your current w/ 250str+/9%ias.
7) Craft vit shoulders (200str/200vit/60ar+)
8) Weapons - This is where your budget will really come into the equation. DW WW/HOTA requires a larger investment in weapons, and 300m isnt a huge budget tbh, especially if you try to upgrade everything at once.
- your current MH isnt horrible, but it needs CD. Maces with str,cd,ls,os are very expensive and more often than not WW/HOTA will use MH Axe if the use a MH EF. your current EF would work nicely with a budget WW/HOTA build, but it only has .23aps. With your current IAS stacking (9/9/9/9), you can make it work if you kept the same weapons u have now. An immediate upgrade would be to replace your current MH with an Axe (1000dps+, 100str+, 50%cd, 2.8ls, os), but that depends if thats the route you wish to stick to in the future. To upgrade your weapons you will need a bit larger budget tbh.
Build: WW/Hota
Budget: 500m
EF: offhand

1) Replace those Innas with a pair that has 150vit (MINIMUM).
Simple Math:
- Your Current Innas have 71str/151vit (with gems)
- New 150vit Innas will have 108str/150vit (with gems)
2) I suggest you get a MH Axe w/ 1000dps+, 100str+, 50%cd, 2.8ls, os
- This will allow you to drop bloodthirst, and instead use brawler, which gives a very nice dps boost.
3) You're using WW/HOTA, but not using an SOJ. WW/HOTA is mainly used to give the best of both worlds; trash farming and elite farming. Elite farming is much, much better with an SOJ. However, if you wanna stick with the hellfire, thats fine too. This is one reason i dont like using crafted bracers, even though yours are very nice, you drop a slot of ias that u need to make up elsewhere. Like in your case, this slot happens to be a ring slot, and since your breakpoints are dependent on that IAS Unity, you cant drop it without getting the IAS transferred to another slot first.
4) Upgrading your OH EF will require a larger budget. Need either higher dps (1200+) or 1150 and 50%cd.
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