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Tyrael is So Evil (SPOILERS)

07/30/2013 02:03 AMPosted by Elsanto
the reason why diablo are not killing the aspects themselves is because they're opposing forces, only way for one side to win over the other side is for them to kill the very essence of the side, in angels' side,, it's the Crystal Arch, as for the darkness side, each lord of hell has their own soul stone.

the soul stone were made to contain the soul of one of the primes. that being said it was meant to be a jail for them but that is before someone tolled them how to corrupt the soul stones. i believe the black abyss is there Ver of the crystal arch. and from what i got from the lore the crystal arch and black abyss act as an so called re spawn for the powers of heaven and hell the soul stones were meant to keep them from coming back after they were defeated
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Here's my 2 cent. I can't see Tyrael as a villain. That doesn't mean we won't or can't fight fight gameplay wise. It means that if that moment comes and Tyrael becomes a boss, he is right and we are in the wrong.

Tyrael is justice itself. He has staked his existence on this cornerstone. But I can see a plot line where we were deceived and kill him for w/e reason.
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06/13/2013 12:31 PMPosted by LordSauron
New to Diablo III. In my opinion, greatest game ever, BTW.

However, I just wanted to put out my two cents here on the story. I know a lot of people complain about the story, but I am predicting Blizz is going to drop a bomb on us in the expansion.

Honestly, an angel falls from the sky and his sword breaks, but that causes all sorts of destruction and mayhem? Really, Tyrael falling from the sky causes a plague to rip apart New Tristram -- decimating the town and turning the dead into zombies?

The power awakened the Skeleton King the Skeleton King created zombies. Imagine flashing a light in your face while you slept. Same thing with Tyrael's fall for the Skeleton King.

There appears to be A LOT of fore-shadowing going on in this game. Zoltan tells us that Adria and Tyrael are just "using us" -- which, turns out at least in part to be true. Diablo restrains from killing Tyrael when he has the chance.

Tyrael's a non-issue now. Mortal and weak, Diablo killing Tyrael is a mercy not cruel. Making Tyrael watch Diablo bring down the High Heavens is the crueler road.

Go back and watch the ending cinematic and look at Tyrael's eyes just as the light first hits them. Is it just me, or is there a "glimmer" of some dark shadow?

Just you, it can also be a lighting issue.

Sorry folks, but this is NOT the arch angel Tyrael as we were led to believe. We still have not received a sufficient answer to exactly what happened at the destruction of the Worldstone. We have not seen Tyrael's REAL version of the events yet.

After the destruction of the worldstone Tyrael didn't walk back to the High Heavens, he was remade in the crystal arch. The first Angel to be reborn in such away I believe.

As Blizzard starts getting geared up to announce the expansion, I expect we will learn more of this in bits and pieces. But, one thing is certain, Tyrael is not who he says he is -- that much as this point is clear.

Tyrael is the new Deckard Cain... sorry.
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I've always expected that guy to switch sides.

By the way, after we did all the killing and he got the credit at the end of D3, I reaaally dislike him now.
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