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Self-found league

Good reasons for playing self-found:
- A player might not want to pay other players for their hand-me-downs.
- A player might think that using the AH is incentivising botting.
- A player might want to mold their character based on what gear they randomly find (a bit of a stretch, considering the blandness of gear in general, but possible).

Once you enter the realm of the AH, the rate at which you acquire power is essentially dictated by how long other players have been playing the game (due to inflation). Some might consider this kind of invalid as a game mode.

Finally, some people just like a greater challenge. Using the (gold) AH to obtain gear is not cheating, but it sure trivialises the game pretty quickly.

So yes, I support incentivising this play through either a self found mode or some sort of on-character indication.
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06/14/2013 03:19 PMPosted by whoopadeedoo
This idea is just as reasonable as a RMAH league.

Sure, why not. Then you'll get posts about which is better, RMAH or self found. Who do you think would win the gaming ethics debate. I'd place my money (money... maybe something ironically too funny bout that) on self found.
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playing self-found gives a game deeper meaning than a simple hack/slash,
because its more challenging way to play. it also takes dedication so its not something casual players would do thus its not really on blizzards todo list seeing they cater to lowest common denominators when developing stuff :)

its easy to play self-found, if you play completely solo, but as soon as you enter coop
the experience gets tainted fast. even something as simple as someone dropping stuff
on the ground. for example how do you distinguish its your drop and not something someone else dropped (like bought unid stuff) or even gems.
not to mention someone contributing to killing stuff in bought gear.

it would be nice to have separate self-found mode for dedicated players.
free of cheaters and botards (no point in botting if you cannot trade anything)
free of cc "warriors"
a challenge of starting brand new char, and seeing how far you can get with only your own drops.
to be sure everyone is 100% self-found and untwinked everything is bound to char (so no trades of ANY kind, no twinking, no shared stash, etc)

maybe some hard achievements
possibly ranking to see how far other players got and on which mp they croaked
but ranking brings problems with all kinds of lowlifes who will do anything to cheat their way in
for ranking to have any meaning it has to be on fair and level playing field
and how do you prevent lowlifes from botting, carrying, 24/7 team-sharing single char, etc?
you will just end up with a ranking full of lame "insert team-char name based on country, and/or other affiliations" chars
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"We think"
"We feel"
"We talk"

The story of this game, sadly.
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I like finding cheeseburgers in the trash, can i get recognition?

Maybe a shiny star on my chest just like Sherriff Rosco!
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I am self-found and to be honest, I don't see the need for a self-found league. I think I would stick to the "normal" league, because in order to go to the self-found league I would have to start over with a new wiz and the first levels are sort of boring. (Plus to be honest although I don't like buying from the AH, I do like selling :) ).

That said, I don't really understand the people that are strongly opposed to it. It's like hardcore, you are not forced to be in it.

If you do add a self-found league, you would have to disable trading altogether. Else the self-found league would just be the place for wannabees that abuse third party trading.
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Whoa, a blue post
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I love my Stukov avie. But I will stick to the D3 account. I long for the day we get avatars too.

This idea is just as reasonable as a RMAH league.

Isn't the current default mode the RMAH league? It is the league in which you can use money to trade items.
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06/14/2013 03:26 PMPosted by Buckles
90% of people who say their self found are full of crap. They either used the AH at some point, traded with somebody, used gold they bought or were just given something from a friend. There's no way you can fully gear a character with high end stuff that all dropped for you. As we all know 99.9% of everything that drops is total crap. and 99.9% of the good stuff that drops is either pretty crappy or something that your class/build can't really use. and you self found retards just like saying your self found because you think it makes you better than everybody else. Its pathetic.

All my characters are self found and I have 10 of them.
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06/14/2013 03:19 PMPosted by whoopadeedoo
This idea is just as reasonable as a RMAH league.

I think what we need is a no pants players league.

There could also be separate leagues for players who drink mountain dew, although it can't be the same as the league for Dr. Pepper drinkers.

And absolutely, a drunk-while-playing league. It would encourage variety through drunken fighting builds.
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90% of people who say their self found are full of crap.

This is the only reason I'd like any "recognition" for playing self found. I like to encourage players to play that way, and use myself as an example of what can be accomplished (not that I've accomplished anything amazing, but I think a lot of players drastically underestimate just how far you can get self-found). But a lot of people are rightfully skeptical of players they don't know actually playing self found, so it'd be nice if there were some way to actually prove it easily.
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I play self-found because the auction house defeats the point of playing. If I'm just going to buy my way to end game (gold or currency, doesn't matter), then why even play?

I don't need recognition or awards or badges. I just want to play the game.
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i am all for this...it would be an option to tick when choosing sc or hc

need more char slots to do this though

cough cough
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06/14/2013 01:29 PMPosted by TheFunGun21
Give players recognition for self-found status. That is all

How would you do that? I've tried to sell some crap on 05/16/12 and I bought one Jewleryplan. Is that selffound after 850h played?
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the problem with having a self found badge retroactively applied would be that all the self professed noble lecturers talking about how they found all their exactly right gear for their character class are actually liars who use the AH like everyone else.

I'd like to see some recognition for self found players, like any character that has never received an item from any other character or from the AH (including taking items from the stash that were retrieved from the AH from another character on the account), through trade or whatever get a little star next to their name. Then we could get some peace and quiet from the so-called self found brigade.
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06/14/2013 05:03 PMPosted by Skylark
the problem with having a self found badge retroactively applied
Of course it wouldn't be retroactive (I am rolling my eyes).
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I will play self found ladder (in another mode) provided:-

1) No GAH/RMAH (obviously).
2) No bartering (trade window), items drop on floor will be lost.
3) Hostility mode.
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