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I say that having a self found league is a good idea. In fact when Blizz does do ladders I say that they should do them similar to Path of Exiles leagues. Where you would have different types of leagues. Then you could have an option to make a character that would belong to the self found league at character creation. Where the default character would be softcore. At the bottom of the character pages is a button that says league and will say softcore or normal by default. Then clicking the drop down menu you would see the option to choose self found league.

In that league you would not have access to any AH at all. It does not have to have a separate server to do it. Sorry if I cannot come up with all of the details on exactly how it will work.
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It's actually very simple.

Create some significator (it doesn't even have to be in game), an 'SF' next to their name, a chest in the character's pic...hell, even the words "self found" under their name when you view their profile.

Anyone who doesn't want/care about this doesn't have to worry about it, but among those who think self found is a mark of distinction/honor, they can tell who is.

I personally don't care, but why should we be bashing those who want to be able to show/see who else shares their style of play? Should we bash anyone who is interested in PVP (or a PVP ladder)? Should we go after anyone who plays a barbarian? Hey, I know...Why don't we attack the ideas of anyone who doesn't agree with us (oh, wait that's what these forums are for, aren't they?).

Sorry, jumped the shark there. My point is...If it doesn't effect the game, or anyone's enjoyment of it, who cares?
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all i have to say is lol, wah wah wah
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Not too bad of an idea, and we could name it hardcore softy mode for laughs.
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Imo Wyatt is on the right track here. No extra mode or ladder that further divides the community is needed, just a big, shiny recognition for the status in the profile, as incentive to keep it that way. As long as there are no big loopholes, like picking up stuff that others drop, I don't care that much how you handle (no) crafting, the separation of gold etc pp. Just make it easy for yourselves, so you can get it done.

if they take the lazy way out and use only "shiny recognition status" you can be 100% assured games will be full of loser griefers dropping unids all over place, making self-found players lose their status.
its really not far fetched, just look at hc griefing with town aggro pk
and how long did it take for blizz to fix this, oh right, they still didnt. this is the stuff that should be patched and fixed within a day, and should not take weeks or months.
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hardcore griefing is not a problem.

that's like saying people doing anything you don't personally agree with are a HUGE problem and should be fixed..

people like this are the reason for a vast majority of !@#$ed up %^-* throughout the world.
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I'll throw another idea into the mix:

A mode of gameplay where there is no AH access and items which drop (from enemies or chests / breakables) become Bind on Multiple Account - meaning BoA to everyone who is currently in the game. Of course, it will only appear in one person's loot roll initially, but it can then be traded to anyone who was in the game when it dropped...

1) You can share your finds with the people who helped you find it in the first place.
2) Creates a more stable economy - people can't use third-party sites to trade items
3) No bots offering to sell you gold or items

1) It would be hard to keep track of which item is bound to whom - esp. in pub games.

if you want to share with coop players, you could revert to classic "one loot drop for all"
and there would be griefers taking everything even if its not an upgrade just to be a douche.
or barb taking wiz items for his alt wiz char, etc
shared loot drop only works when you play with friends you know well, and even then mistakes happen.
this of course based on "bind to char on pickup" design, no other way to prevent trading and therefor negating the self-found aspect.
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I fully support self-found league.

this above explained pretty much of my thoughts.

And to be more constructive:

let there be two different types of self-found leagues. One where you can't even trade with any one else (not even when you drop something on ground-- Make everything account bound.)

The second one you can trade with trade windows but limited it to only once a day and if you want to trade more, you have to pay gold for your tradings but you are not allowed to trade gold at all.)
and also when you drop items on ground, other people can't see or pick them up (prevent 3rd party gold/item sellers ruining the game)

Both have no Auction Houses, of course.
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06/14/2013 08:56 PMPosted by Eifersucht
I think both opinions are valid here ("yes, support self-found mode" and "no, don't support self-found mode"), so I encourage you to keep the debate active. It's a good one, and I love getting to hear from each side of the fence -- specifically on why you feel the way you do.

SelfFound, as in the way you all self founded yourself to this country and kick my ancestors to reservations? Thought you would terminate us all didn't you? Well I am hear to state that I am Native American and very proud.
You should also learn your own rules/legislator

lol wtf m8?
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06/14/2013 09:52 PMPosted by whoopadeedoo
9 out of 10 people in this thread have never played a Diablo game.

Beyond the 5 minute mark that is.
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They should just flag Items self-found in your profile. Then you could see which pieces are self found on everyone.
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SelfFound, as in the way you all self founded yourself to this country and kick my ancestors to reservations? Thought you would terminate us all didn't you? Well I am hear to state that I am Native American and very proud.
You should also learn your own rules/legislator

You should also learn your own rules/legislator

Not your rules? If you tell them to learn their own rules, it'll just be rules that favor them since it's their own rules.
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06/14/2013 01:45 PMPosted by Garthandal
You can not have a self found character, it must be a self found account through all characters. Only then will you be recognized as a true hero. May the cats be with you.

all my characters in EU realm are self-found. I didn't use AH at all :)
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06/14/2013 10:24 PMPosted by whoopadeedoo
Honestly, why aren't you guys playing WoW? I don't understand.

What's the point to bring up WoW in this thread??
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06/14/2013 10:25 PMPosted by alpha
Honestly, why aren't you guys playing WoW? I don't understand.

What's the point to bring up WoW in this thread??

Dude what? Because that's what WoW is. Mainly self found, with no trading, financial decision making, or creative gearing options. You just blindly play the game and wear whatever you find. For most people, that's why we QUIT WoW and came here.
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It was specifically designed for those with that type of play in mind?

Obviously diablo was not.
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