Diablo® III

used d3 copy for Xbox One anyone.....oh wait

off diablo topic i know but i just cant believe microsoft. they are giving the win to sony
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They are acting like they have a monopoly.
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because you can't get Diablo 3 or used games for Xbox One! Hah!
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Xbox 1 is online always to control dupping and botting.
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Sony was always the better company: Bring on that flames haha

I mean, this entire thing clearly shows a few things
Micro-soft (what they call their genitals)
1:Are money hungry, pretentious people. They are trying to sell to the "richer" side of the market
a: higher prices of the console (maybe even the games)
b: not allowing old games to play on their console
c: requiring an internet connection (which poses restrictions of some sort, say you move a lot, or have an RV with a tv, you might not be able to play as easily, and other stuffs)
2:Don't care about their loyal fans
a: would a "loving company" disappoint their fans in such a way?
3:Even with this fiasco, they won't be out of business, it'll be equally as ps4 in the long run, imo.

>All these things require more money. That's the bottom line.

Now Sony
1:Cares for their fans
a: anyone can produce a game
b: old games can be played on the market
c: completely !@#$ted on Microsoft this e3

>The cheaper, equally as good, maybe even better because they try to help others, its not just about what they want.

Always been a sony fan, now even more than before. In fact, the great amount of respect i had for microsoft (i didn't hate it) has completely flown out the window.
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Lol am I the only one that finds it ironic that D3 players are complaining about always online, can't resell games?

I agree, it stinks, especially for a console, but I've known since Steam came out and has done so well that eventually the rest of the gaming industry would catch on. It's the perfect anti-piracy vehicle, and this is coming from a former pirate. I only hope that Microsoft follows in Steam's footsteps by having massive game sales every now and then-people don't mind as much when their games are tied to their account when they got them 75%-90% off to begin with. That, and they give us an actual offline mode, like Steam does.
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Actually micro$oft simply does not want a broken game giving their system a bad name.

If this game is every fixed perhaps they would consider it.

Speaking of xbox, I am so glad they finally are upgrading. They have been a generation behind Sony for years now. Oh wait, PS4 is coming too.....they will still be a generation behind. At least now they might be able to make games that can actually push the PS3 a little. PS4 will still be extremely under utilized since developer tools are made for the xbox and games are then ported over to PS.
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06/11/2013 09:40 AMPosted by BOSS
PS4 will still be extremely under utilized since developer tools are made for the xbox and games are then ported over to PS.

You would actually be surprised that any game that has a plan to be made for the PS3 has been developed with the Sony dev kit for the PS3 and then ported to other platforms.

Simply because it would be 10 times harder the other way around.

Diablo 3 did the same.
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06/11/2013 08:52 AMPosted by Prology
Xbox 1 is online always to control dupping and botting.

oh this is good

top drawer
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they actually did just announce that PS4 will allow publishers to block used games. they are not enforcing it themselves but publishers can do it if they choose. check IGN if you don't believe me.

anyways, PS4 is pre-ordered for me. $100 less, no DRM, more dev support and better hardware. no brainer for me.
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Idk, I think it sucks that MS is going with the always online and allowing publishers to decide whether or not they want to block their used games.

What I'm wondering is if Sony is just using a play on terms to build up more hype. I mean they say they will not block used games and not require an online connection but, whose to say they aren't simply putting the onus on the publishers and let them curb used game sales by requiring pass codes to enable blocked content like they have in the past? In such a scenario, Sony is not stopping you from buying used games but the game is still unusable for most of the features.

I can't see every publisher suddenly no longer requiring multiplayer pass codes or no longer using content blocking just for their Sony ports. If I were a publisher and that were the case, I would release it on Xbox first or maybe exclusively. So, they could be deceiving everyone with this used game ploy. Sony might very well be shooting themselves in the foot with this one. We'll just have to wait and see.
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