Diablo® III

GG Group Looking for Like-Geared WDs / Monks

GG WD/Monk group is looking for a few new members!

TL:DR and Trolls aside, Post and add Cogito or Fade to benefit from:

    MP10 Elites in under 10 seconds
    GG players that work AS A GROUP (Move together, pull, stack, group buff, DPS)
    GG geared people who run group skills and buffs
    Players with both DPS and EHP
    Mumble and Vent access

Currently looking for 3-4 CS/Nirvana Monks and 5-6 WDs:
  • MP10-Caliber EHP (Acts 1-3)
  • 200k unbuffed DPS for 1H Bears, 1H Bats,
    180k unbuffed DPS for 2H Bears and Bats
  • 200k unbuffed DPS for Nirvana Monk,
    220k Unbuffed CS/EP Monk
  • 150k unbuffed DPS for 0Dogs

  • Current Regulars:
    Cogito#1486: 365k unbuffed Monk, 240K Bats, 160k 0dogs, 340k HOTA Barb
    Halzor#1255: 300k DPS Bears and Bats, 210k 0dogs
    Fade2BLAQ#1329: 255k DPS Bears and Bats, 150k 0dogs, 310k DPS CM Wiz
    Eloquator#1510: 298k unbuffed monk, 200k Skorn Bats
    Ritual#1761: 200k Bears, 120k 0dogs
    Laithan#1194: #4 WD in US (need i say more?)
    Assassin#1497: 240k dps CoB
    FeuxFollets#6867: 250k dps Nirvana Monk
    Fitz#1329: 240k dps Nirvana Monk
    Nerf#1998: 180k Skorn Bats, 220kdps Monk, 250k CM Wiz
    RodrigoRJ#1379: See Profile, Nuff Said.
    Silencieux#1359: 230k Monk
    Edited by Cogito#1486 on 6/15/2013 3:06 AM PDT
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    We be sexy. And sometimes make good jokes :D

    Should include the times we normally play at.
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    I want in, lmk.
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    06/14/2013 11:30 AMPosted by Cogito
    MP10-Caliber EHP (Acts 1-3)

    from the several random profiles I looked up in that list it would appear that mp10-caliber ehp means having over 200k ehp including huge vit buffer lol.
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    GG as in FF (Fail Fail) key is close, Perhaps you had typo.

    Get some EHPs son. Until then We go act 4. And ill bet u 100m per death u not GG but FF
    Edited by Aimless#1700 on 6/14/2013 2:49 PM PDT
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    I'm looking for mp10 farming team, check my profile and lmk.
    Edited by Vekcna#1183 on 6/14/2013 3:59 PM PDT
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    Check me out:

    To add just PM or FR: DFxDOPEY#1466

    I have a GG CM/perma wiz and a GG WD
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    Madstrike, Vekcna, DFx, looking good guys. No CM wizzies needed but cool WDs. We'll be on in about an hour, hour 1/2.
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    my WD is mp-10 efficient, also interested in this LMK #Soco1726
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    sent a friend request . lmk
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    Sheesh...no wonder why all you guys play in a group together.

    The definition of 'paper' chasers.
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    *Added several people, looking forward to our group play :D

    Still looking for more players.
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    Dah' Bears ! 1 hander / frog mojo for farming and LOH Skorn for Uber

    I'm in / I'm down .. I'm yer' huckleberry
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    i think you tried to add me right? was it you?
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    saw 551k dps. saw 81% IAS. clicked X.
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    I can run my 0dog, or my monk with pillars instead of bells.

    Check my profile for stats :)
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    Ill run. Check me out. Also have MIT Zuni set with skorn for cob. I'm in my fun spec atm
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