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GG Group Looking for Like-Geared WDs / Monks

Hales, 42 PUR is hilarious! Love it.
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06/15/2013 05:53 PMPosted by Eloquator
Hales, 42 PUR is hilarious! Love it.

Yeah, it's so fun in pubs. Now I'm trying to keep that pur and add more +hp to globes haha
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I got that with my HC WD .. Its so awesome for teamplay .
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After a terrible morning today in mp10 pub games I'm starting to think that closed groups like this is the way forward for me. Game after game is just full of leechers, freeloaders and clueless morons who wouldn't know how to work as a team if their lives depended on it.

I'm currently running bats primary and bears secondary + BBV @ 215k unbuffed DPS.

Let me know thanks.
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Hi, im looking for GG group

DPS: 205k
AR: 710
ARMOR: 4100
HP: 83K

I kill really fast and play with the group

add me
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Hey guys.

I'm looking for a decent mp10 farming group with some synchronizing play, check out my profile and see if you are interested and let me know~.

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Hey Cogito, how well do the CM wizards in your list survive in mp10? They seem to be lacking in life on hit and defenses...
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This thread has been a great success. We've added lots of you and made some great acquaintances and sweet farming runs. Will add more of you guys soon. Maybe when maintenance is over or tomorrow. Thanks for the responses :)
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your name looks familiar...did I play with u before?
anyway, I may have a couple of toons that pass ur criteria.
welcome to add me and do some runs.
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180k ub 2h Skorn Bats/Bears

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260k dps unbuffed 1H + ToTD

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Please add me, Sanouske#1131, 250K unbuffed 2h Bats. Im out of town but should be back friday and play all weekend. Also play every weeknight when im not out of town :) . Check profile if you need to look at gear.
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Added some more of you guys :)

@Sano: That's some absurd health for that dps O.o Good stuff man
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Good times lately with Elo and Cog....thanks again for the add :)
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so far no one added me...sigh...

>200k unbuffed 1h WD - checked.
>180k unbuffed 2h WD - checked
> 200k unbuff nirvana monk -checked... (my monk swap shield for a EF when using nirvana build, depends on the group)

I am currently working on my monk.
Edited by Luffy#1946 on 6/20/2013 2:06 PM PDT
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For some reason I missed a handful of friend adds.

If you added me and didn't get a response, please re-add me.

Thank you so far to all of those who have been playing with us! It's been very GGs!
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not sure if you are still looking for other docs but i'd be interested

217k dps with soj, 1h doc, good ehp

I am able to run bats, bears, and whatever buffs that help out, I'm flexible in build
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Feel free to add me if you need more.

Hota barb or monk or wiz or WD. Play em all, in the process of starting WD since Archon is so damn
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add me. Have globes, will travel.
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