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Gear advice?

I'd like to know your opinion as to what I should upgrade next, excluding weapon.
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06/11/2013 04:12 PMPosted by Shortstalk
I'd like to know your opinion as to what I should upgrade next, excluding weapon.

Since you are excluding weapon I think your most cost effective upgrades would be to keep crafting for better shoulders, bracers, amulet & gloves. You have good ones now but you can roll better still. If you can get amulet & gloves with CD and CC like you have now but with some AS you would up your damage considerably more. And although your bracers and shoulders are very good you can still roll better there as well.

Your DH is not bad but with some better crafts on the above mentioned equipment I think you can get a big improvement. Spend a little gold here and there crafting randomly and you are bound to come up with some really nice rolls.I just randomly crafted for some better bracers and rolled some that upped my damage by 5K and my life by around 6K. The bracers I had were a very good roll too but by continuing to craft I rolled even better.

I am going to be crafting for a better Amulet now, the one I have is awesome but I want to get a similar roll but with some AS and AR. I think I will get what I am looking for. It's just a matter of time but it will come. Crafting is a very worthwhile thing and can really improve your toon by a lot. So I say keep on crafting and when you can get a higher DPS Manticore. Other than that your DH isn't bad at all IMO.

Hope this helped.
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In my opinion you should take care a little bit more of AR too I know your pants are nice but you are using 2 Inna's items without AR.
I would change your pants and get some with AR using 2 radiant star amethysts for the beginning, you are going to say but then I'm gonna lose 100 dex from my gems. Then you search for a good Natalya's Reflection and receive 130 dex from bonus set. After that I'd change the Natalya's cloak buying one with 100 vit and 12% life then you can change your belt for the witching hour with about 70 dex and IAS 8 or 9 with a good crit hit dmg. Now you are you going to say but I'll lose the 130 dex from Inna's set, don't worry the attack speed and crit hit chance will cover that easily.
Your amulet is great I wish I had that one LOL just because of the life on hit.
On my gear I already have 760life on hit, with that would be perfect.
Another thing yes change your gloves definetely, the gloves you have right now are not giving you a bump on your dps or dmg, remember spike traps are pure crit hit dmg, so you are not getting that good dmg from your spike traps.

I think that is a good start and I hope I helped too If you want to check my build be free right now it's pretty well balanced.

Oh I forgot to add, all items you are going to buy, give preference if you find AR + Armor.
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I came back to check on your progress Shortstalk, it looks like you have been doing some crafting. Those Shoulders are great ! Can't get much better than that. I would now concentrate on crafting for gloves with stats like you have now but with some good CD on em' too.

Very impressed with your progress and your life is great and you have made a major improvement on AR as well. Your doing good with your DH !

Have Fun & Good Luck to you on your DH build.
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Don't buy anything from Blizzard. You play at your own risk. If your gear is hacked or taken you will not get it back. But, have fun.
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06/21/2013 11:59 PMPosted by Henry1313
Don't buy anything from Blizzard. You play at your own risk. If your gear is hacked or taken you will not get it back. But, have fun.

Incorrect. I have been hacked in the past at paragon 43 and lost literally all my gear and cash. It took a few daya but I was able to get rolled back. They require photo ID and to fill out a questionaire when doing the rollback. I think its a cap of 3 rollbacks. After that, ur screwed :P
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