Diablo® III

PvP Suggestion

What if Diablo III had guilds?

Guild Wars (GvG)

- Capture the Flag
- Point Domination
-- Battleground and Arena type maps.

Also, having 2 leagues: gear and non-gear.

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The devs said in the pvp update blog that they are refocusing pvp to be objective based with rewards, so I guarantee you we'll eventually see battleground-style pvp. I'd like to see 1v1 rated arena, with the top rated players (top 1% or something) of each class getting special bonuses at the end of each season (maybe dye that makes your character glow or something).
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I think a DoTA style option for PvP would work in this game.

You could use your PvE skills against other players, so that people who do not like brawling or dueling could PvP. For example, you could wind-up from creeps and use those procs to spam meteors on players from the other team.
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This is what i would like to see, definitely at least some team games. The free for all isn't even really that fun, IF i can find a group of players who want to pvp. I know it's not neccessarily an MMO in any sense of the word but they could learn a lot from WoW and SWTOR about setting up their brawls, i think it would be a lot funner that way and also people who are lower level or want to play say a wizard who's kit isn't really great for pvp can still have fun and feel like part of the team
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