Diablo® III

1 Million EHP Demon Hunters

you have almost 500K eHP or are you taking dodge into consideration as well? Which would be 900K.

According to d3up ATM, you eHP gain is this:
42 Armor = 2,915.81
8 Vitality = 2,988.19
5 Resist All = 2,934.73
1% Life = 2,978.52


42 armor = 42 str = 8 vitality = 5 all resists = 1% life


8 armor = 8 str = 1.5 vitality = 1 all resists

All those values will yield the same amount of eHP in the end.

lacuni's with:

Gloves with:

Shoulders with:
200+ dext / 100+ vit
200+ dext/ 50-100 vit / 5-10% Life

Nats ring with:
armor or all resists

Ammy with:
armor or all resists
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Nyan has eHP for nyan reasons.....

I need more eHP but I want to keep l4n, 24 ms, 65 cc.
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There is no danger of me hitting 1 M EHP not including dodge (at least not in the short term), idealy I would like to get 1M EHP (including dodge) and keep my DPS over 200K
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when it comes to ehp for dh. there are a few things u need to ask yourself first.
so after all that ehp u have,
do i still have 24% walking speed
can i still kill elite packs at mp10 within 15s
do i still have enough disc or disc reg to keep myself alive without running around (crossbow users, because AS slow)

if u don't have all those 3 things, u r useless when it comes to a group farming, u r like a freeloader. keep that in mind and happy hunting
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Diablo progress has me at

712k ehp
348k unbuffed dps

D3up shows me at 804k ehp with dodge, could improve, but gonna be costly since i refuse to give up dps as i am trying to hit 400k just buffed with archery. Currently at 388k dps with archery.

And crafting gods have had it in for me. Cant beat current gloves over 1k crafts. And cannot beat shoulders or ammy i crafted. Not even worth to try on the bracers.
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what's the point for having so much ehp in sc unless for PVP? u don't even need 500K ehp to survive mp10..
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d3up has me at 500k, while diabloprogress shows 91.8k.

Which one is correct?
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In my bunker build: 1.9M EHP (according to diabloprogress). However, it does not include my 25.19% Elite Damage Reduction. Furthermore, I regenerate around 7200 HP per second.

I use this build to tank pesky Barbs and WDs (however, Plague Bats remains a problem).
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DPS: 270 k
EHP: 1.034.614
HeroScore: 19,7
PVP: 1,820

So hard ($$$) to keep the EHP and raise the DPS
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think i had 320 k dps unbuff and 1.4 mil ehp

but all the gear is on the monk now. for farming i think 1.4 is a little overdoing it, would have been better if i had scaled that down and added more dps

but at the moment i am addicted to "infused with light"
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1.1 EHP
200k DPS
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Iria whats your pvp gear? Just gettign back in and have some gold to spend. If you could help me out that would b great
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Revrac and I started that thread awhile back
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08/09/2013 07:51 AMPosted by PsYk1K
Iria whats your pvp gear? Just gettign back in and have some gold to spend. If you could help me out that would b great

Don't need to bump an old thread for that lol. Here is a link to my guide which has a section on gearing (saves me time since I don't need to write everything more than once):

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Just updating status right now 317kdps unbuffed + 707k ehp.
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Why so much life, why bother.
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So close, 958k EHP. At 255k DPS unbuffed.

So much life because I like to run without SP and use Brooding instead. Allows me to drop NS for Brooding and not run SP which opens up another skill slot. I like to have a generator, use ST for AoE, augment my damage with Sentry, and use RF for burning down targets. Also allows me to use all my disc for vault for extra mobility. I also don't have to hit SP ever, so I can focus on my damage attacks, movement, vaulting, etc. I change Sentry rune to Aid Station for close to 5k life regen when doing higher MP.
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I won't give up dps for ehp. But I prefer gear with a mix of both but will always choose dps over ehp.

It looks funny showing low dps and built like a tank.
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06/12/2013 05:24 AMPosted by Lasker
I remember a thread from a while ago about Demon Hunters rocking 1 M EHP, any of those still around?

500k with dodge if I put the right gear on.
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