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06/14/2013 03:54 PMPosted by Vadamaar
edit: I misread. I didn't realize you meant actually turning the item itself into a dye - I thought you meant using the item to make a dye that looks like it. I'm not sure I like the idea of being forced to destroy an item you think looks cool, just to use its look. And what if you change your look in the future, but then want that old item's look back? On the plus side, it would help remove items from the economy to some small extent. I'm not sure that would be enough, though.

I didn't think destroying an item is that much of a penalty. Just look at the materials for crafted bracers. You need to salvage 30 items just for a slim chance that you hit RNG lottery.

The only problem from item dyes is that the game would need separate, individual dyes for EVERY helm/boot/shoulders/chest/shield/weapon/etc out there, which just makes things a cluttered messed. Also, /inb4 people turning their actual items into dyes >:D

I think maybe a better solution is to have an NPC manage it. You give items to an NPC to "learned" and that NPC can then modify your items to look like that. Maybe the NPC can only transmog once per item given to him.
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Make them work like crafting recipes or similar. So you have some way of aiming for certian armor. All level 58 + non-legendary armors and weapons are avaliable after you killed diablo on inferno, any mp, the rest are dropable through inferno after diablo is killed. Or they are dropable right when you start inferno, and you can buy the basic 58+ armors for 1 M or something at a certian vendor.

Oh, alternatly the random merchants spawning in the world has a chance of selling the recipes!
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Id rather have an itemization slot then a transmogrify option. That way I can change my gear to look as how I want it to look on the go, and not have to blow well earned gold on something minimal. That's my five cents.
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Reskin / Transmog

I like the look for IK but I gain more from ice climber boots. I'll use a crappy IK boots to reskin
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For me, a big part of the significance of an item is its unique appearance as distinguished from all other items. While I like the idea of customization, ideally I'd like to see a careful balance between tweaking an item to fit a preferred scheme, and maintaining the fiction that these items have a quality beyond numbers on our character sheet. For that reason I'm on board with the ability to do appearance changes, but only insofar as they maintain a clear "trace" of the original appearance, e.g. a crafting option where I could modify or remove the horns on my hideous Mempho, or switch them out with steel spikes or replace the faceplate, or just generally modify the color scheme, etc. I guess my concern is that, for me, with a transmo option the way my character looks doesn't really say anything about the choices I made in gearing it the way I did, or the way I choose to play, I think it's cool to look at another character's gear and immediately know something about how they are built statistically, play style, etc. As a result...

Another big part of this, though a longer-haul, is that we fundamentally need meaningful varied options within the top strata of gear. I know this is about way more than cosmetic appearance, but one of the reasons I get worn out on a given piece of gear is that nearly every other player of the same class I encounter is wearing the exact same items for each and every slot. I'm sure it's very difficult to do successfully, but I really would like to see multiple items that are equally top end, but for different reasons, and ideally, it would be cool if these reasons were reflected in the appearance, e.g. sleek items have higher crit/AIS, bulky vit/AR. I also think it'd be cool if the item mods I described above might, at least in some cases, have statistical ramifications, e.g. add horns=thorns, remove horns=dex, add a bulky face plate=vit, etc. Again, it all goes back, for me, to allowing us input in how our characters appear, without overly fogging up the essence of how they are actually built, since this is a huge part of why they are meaningful at all, at least to me.
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I think you should need to scrap an item of the type you want it to look like in order to change the appearances. So whites could be used, but legendaries could be available as well. Also I really wish vanishing dyes worked on weapons, monks should look like they are unarmed.
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Transmogrification is the way to go. I don't want to clutter up the interface with multiple slots for each item.
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agree with a transmog system +1
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Personally I would like it to be:

Take any item in the game => Turn it into dye => Use that dye on an armor/weapon of the same slot/type => 3D model now looks like that item

I vote this. even better idea than transmog/extra slot for cosmetics.

for those who worry about destroying an item.. think about how many brimston priced legends with crappy stats get posted every day. even mempo helms with lowest rolls and no CC are somewhat effective as a starter piece but dont cost alot.
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Personally I would like it to be:

Take any item in the game => Turn it into dye => Use that dye on an armor/weapon of the same slot/type => 3D model now looks like that item

I vote this. even better idea than transmog/extra slot for cosmetics.

Could I instead make my wizard dual-wield vile wards, with a skorn for my hat AND pants? Cause that would be awesome.
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Are you kidding me.....

this system is EVERYWHERE.

its even in your games!!!

the fact that it was not put in the game.

and then everyone RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING THE GAME hums and haws...A YEAR ON..

thinking oh gee....what a lovely Idea...

and the players shake their head in disappointment over how stupid some of the armor looks

and this just continues over and over..

I dont even....
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Whatever system you decide on, please make sure it includes an equipable wing slot. I want my wings to stay on.

Having an in-town "tailor" who can modify equipment based on pieces brought to them seems like a decent idea. You would have to bring them an example of whatever you wanted, and that example would be destroyed by the tailor taking the item apart, but once they learned the pattern, they would be able to use it at will and how ever often you wanted on your equipped gear.

This process would wear off once you put things up for sale or trade, the same way the account-bound dyes aren't tradable but the dyed items are.
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cosmetic slots on character that can only be filled with white items. adding some value to the whites.
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06/14/2013 03:10 PMPosted by Lylirra
Maybe a blue will see this and can pass it along through the appropriate channels.

http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6679558168#7 ;)

Allowing players to visually customize their character's armor beyond just dyes is definitely something we want to do. Feel free to keep debating and discussing how you'd like such a feature implemented, though! For example: would you prefer cosmetic slots or a system like transmogrification in WoW, and why would you prefer one system over another? Etc.

Customizing should be modular. Beyond all armor being dyable there should be easy to find armor and weapon tweaks that you can earn and buy. Like "Spikes" - forges cosmetic spikes all over the armor. "Blades" "Skulls and Bones" "Skin" "Demon hides" "Blood stain" "Angels" "Dragons" "Spider Webs" " The more the better and if they could style it with every single armor piece in the game, great. Allow all yellow items to be recrafted into whatever base armor style, including some new cool ones.

Allow players to augment any armor they want with this stuff and build their own themes.

I dont care about players using a cosmetic only slot where they could put whatever legend skins over their items but not for compitition pvp when it comes out. Then it could be tricky and lame with people using fake armor sets. Part of diablo has always been looking at your opponent with a glance and knowing exaclty what they had on.
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I agree with a select few posters, in that the loot we adorn should still remain fundamentally the same, but be able to tweak it, such as removing Mempo of Twilight's horns, maybe add some frills to a chest piece, or even add effects such as glowing etc.

I also support the idea of a sort of recipe/crafting system where you mod the loot with small changes, or remove features rather than the whole thing as with Vanishing Dye.

The thing with Diablo is that the armor/weapons are very characteristic, and help reflect progression with the player, customization is a great feature to any game, but I think it should be maintained and not have people running around looking like Power Rangers (even more so than now).

As for UI and functionality, I think it should work very similar to how banners are customized, you have several slots and areas of the banner, and many options per slot to choose from, as well as different color combinations. Not only does this maintain the integrity of the game, but encourages players to create something truly unique to their liking rather than slapping on from a smaller selection such as a simple transmogrification.
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06/14/2013 03:25 PMPosted by Lylirra
He wrote it 4 months ago ? U still want to hear why ? Just start working on something . I think players said what they want !

I'm not asking why, but rather what! It's something we want to do (and plan on doing), so the "why" is kind of moot. We know why you'd like to customize your appearance. :)

I was encouraging discussion more around how you'd like such a feature to work. That kind of feedback is great no matter where we might be in the development process.

Lyl, I don't normally bother you guys much these days as I'm just checking the forums on occasion waiting for significant improvements but I have to comment on this one. You guys only "plan" on doing this? Shouldn't this have been in the works now for a couple months easy? I honestly thought that transmog would be your team's next patch as your guys get closer to completion on itemization for a fall release. I'm a little disappointed if you guys are still just in planning as I was expecting an announcement on this by next month at the latest. If that's not the case then what are you guys working on for the next patch? I can't see anything that matters at this point beyond customization and the needed vastly improved mechanics for itemization. Are you guys working on announcing the Mystic instead? Improved/deepened skill mechanics? Just sitting here scratching my head is all...
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Make a dye that behaves like salvage, except instead of getting mats back you get a dye with the destroyed item's name (ie:Dye of Echoing Fury) and when you use that dye on another item of the same type (1h mace in this case) you get an exact copy of that item with a different look (Echoing Fury's look in this case), destroying the previous item also.

That would result in some items getting removed off the economy and still provide transmog with no impact on stash space, and besides some items with really cool looks (such as Lidless Wall, Dark Mage's Shade, Etc.) would probably be worth some more enthusiasm when they dropped, or more money on ah wtv your thing is.
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We should all have "The Dark Wanderer" cloaks so no one knows what anyone is wearing. Dyes will work on it.

EDIT: Character profiles become private in/out of game once cloak is equipped.
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Transmog +1
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