Hello everyone, our new website and forums are up finally. Check it out and let us know what you think, we are open to all non-vulgar comments
It will be great if some of you would consider us as your guild choice. We are informative but most important we help any member who needs it (gold, items, etc) and have lots of fun in the process. Our members are generous and very helpful in both HC and SC modes.
Please feel free to check out our site at www.diablotalk.enjin.com for more info, or join us on TeamSpeak, server DiabloTalk (diablotalk.ts.nfoservers.com). For easier connection, just visit our site and click on the TeamSpeak widget, it will automatically launch your TeamSpeak program and take you to our server. Feel free to PM me or join us on TS if you have any questions or would just like to say hello to our friendly and helpful elite group.

Our gameplay is intense, informative and yes sometimes just too funny.

Site: www.DiabloTalk.enjin.com

TeamSpeak: diablotalk.ts.nfoservers.com