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Questions from a new WD

I just started with my class as a WD. It seems to me that WD in D3 is quite different from Nec in D2. Can someone give me answers to the following basic questions? Additional suggestion on builds will be appreciated.
1) Zombie dogs deal 9% of weapon dmg. Which is the 9% based on? paper dps shown on the screen?
2) I guess dogs are not the primary killing skill for WD. So what's the most popular offensive active skill (with which rune)? Any different skills for killing mobs and elites?
3) I played WD briefly and mana regeneration was the primary concern. In additon to 4 Zuni, any other good resources for mana regeneration?

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fatpanda, zombie bears was the popular build for a very long time. It is still one of the WD's biggest DPS'ers. You also had zero dog builds where you would use sacrifice and have gear that brought the cooldown of summon to zero (i.e., 34 seconds)


as of patch 1.0.8, firebats is the OP skill now. Cloud of bats (i.e., cob) has essentially made mp10 a joke. But i like plague bats better if doing act 3/4 mp10. Cob makes easy work of mp10 act 1 and 2.

As far as mana is concerned, it is better to limit your attack speed (IAS). i currently only have ias on belt and can easily sustain mana for a bats build with my current build in profile. IAS does kill faster, however, you will run out of mana faster OR be forced to use a ton of mana skills and passives which limits useful skills on your toolbar.

all sources of mana regen are: a wd knife, a mojo, and visage helm...and 4 piece zuni.
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Thank you both for your replies..... So many people use Spirit Walk, what's the purpose of that? and under what kind of circumstances?
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06/14/2013 08:26 AMPosted by fatpanda
Thank you both for your replies..... So many people use Spirit Walk, what's the purpose of that? and under what kind of circumstances?

There are two ways of using spirit walk

1) offensive way: use spirit walk to avoid cc from elites and keep outputting your dps, this happens most with CoB build since you need to stay in place and keep channeling the skill

I personally use Jaunt because the 1 extra sec of invincibility gives so much benefit for your dmg and for dodge freezing balls from elites (if there are 2 rounds of freezing , jaunt is long enough to avoid both), some players like mana regen spirit walk too. It is just playing style dependent both are good. With Grave Injustice, at least in mp10 act 1 and 2 , you can have spirit walk up very often

2) defensive way: use spirit walk to dodge attacks, avoid fatal death, and so on.
Just be sure to watch for wallers, it cann't walk through waller's walls.

And of course, spirit walk is supergood for map walking, lol
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I also launch spirit walk when surrounded by those grotesque fat guys that bump you or bulls etc...it allows me to continue channeling bats (plagued or cob) and kill those guys before they can knock me back
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My build is quite different then most I have seen and more focused on area attacks.

1) Firebomb - Ghost Bomb
I like the AoE for higher LS due to it hitting multiple enemies. 4 piece Zuni gives you twice the mana regen that this skill costs so you never have to worry about not using it.

2) Acid Cloud - Acid Rain
Acid Rain increases the area of Acid Cloud causing it to obviously hit more guys which equals more LS on bigger groups

3) Soul Harvest - Vengeful Spirit
I use soul harvest for the 130 int x 5 souls = 650 int bonus which increases all damage by 650% as well as +65 all res for defense.

4) Spirit Walk - Honored Guest
Honored Guest recovers 30% of your maximum mana in 2 seconds causing you to be able to keep casting spells.

5) Big Bad Voodoo - Slam Dance
30% increased attack and 20% increased move speed for allies in the area, I use this on elite mobs so the party can down them faster.

6) Gargantuan - Humongoid
Basically a meat shield that does some good damage. Humongoid has cleave to hit multiple enemies.

7) Pierce the Veil
Completely a DPS boost but will drain your mana faster so if you are having mana problems, probably not a good idea.

8) Gruesome Feast
Gain up to 10% maximum mana and 10% intelligence up to 5 times for a total of 50% each. This causes more mana for casting as well as higher DPS and All Res from Int bonus.

9) Grave Injustice
Whenever an enemy dies within 8 yards, regain 2% maximum mana and life and reduce cooldown of your other skills by 1 second.

The most important part of this build is my off-hand ToTD, this is because it increases my pickup radius by 20 yards which directly affects GF and GI. I use spirit walk to run into the middle of a mob then soul harvest to gain 5 stacks, after that spam acid cloud. The guys should die quick enough the anyone within 28 yards will regen your life and mana as well as 3% LS from weapon you shoudln't be dying. Plus any health globes that drop remotely close will be picked up by your huge radius cause healing for you as well as DPS and INT bonus.
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Ok, Zombie Dogs are completely unaffected by Critical Hit Damage, so they don't use your paper dps as a whole. However, they are affected by Critical Hit Chance, but I am unsure about Attack Speed. The Gargantuan takes your Attack Speed and converts it into raw damage per swing, but I don't know about the Dogs.
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