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Come in all Single LS monks with +200k DPS

people still farm?
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I have been playing monk since day 1.
My p100 monk has over 50K elite kills
I have tried every weapon combination ( EF, WKL, sword, fist etc...)

My stats were:
305K dmg
56k life
5300 armour
600 all res
640k ehp (d3up) and 1.2M (d-progress)

I can farm mp10 with single LS weapon, but only with non-reflects
With my high dmg, ehp and mitigation ...
I cannot facetank elites with reflect / health-link, arcane ground effects (desecrator, poison etc...)
I can kite them ... but not facetank.

So, it's not possible to facetank reflects & ground effects with single LS weapon.
Believe me ... I tried.
Who can facetank those tree elites in Act 1 ... even with dual LS ?
Or nasty elites in Act 4 ?


06/14/2013 04:58 PMPosted by scrapz
people still farm?

No? Playing for fun with friends mostly.

But I'm sure guys who just started are obviously farming.

What's your point?
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no point, just trolling cuz there is nothing else to do.

problem? u mad bro?
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no point, just trolling cuz there is nothing else to do.

problem? u mad bro?

I love trolling. I'm a troll over at d2jsp.

All good.

Nice pvp set.
Edited by KimSulki84#1308 on 6/14/2013 5:15 PM PDT
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Scrapz always causing trouble, no wonder he got banned.
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people still play pvp?

no point, just trolling cuz there is nothing else to do.

problem? u mad bro?

I love trolling. I'm a troll over at d2jsp.

All good.

Nice pvp set.
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add me ill roll with ya
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ezpz... 318k unbuffed, 530k eHP, but will probably add another 70-100AR for groups (too glassy for public display of death :-). Puts me at about 280k+/650k+ eHP (comfy for MP10 group)

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luffy, it's called brawling you noob! pvp is what other games have
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I don't run with LS but you can add me up to run sometime whenever I'm on.

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The things that kill you shouldn't kill you if you are leaching more life.

Your skill dmg isn't high enough to really facetank stacked plauge pool / desc / arcane beams in the pocket.


No, the things that kill me have nothing to do with sustain and are pretty rare. More ls will never save me from certain situations, that's all I was saying. Being able to facetank while in stacked plague is fine just not really how I want to play, I need something that makes me move or I'll fall asleep.
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Adding all now.
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06/14/2013 08:52 PMPosted by KimSulki84
Adding all now

not on now, but will be later.

im west coast.
shud be on around midnight pct.

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I'll roll with you but I have only 198k dps with my WKL
Edited by BladeMaster#1559 on 6/14/2013 9:03 PM PDT
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I can break 300k dps when actually in combat from the buffs. 317k or so with everything up. Though I CAN do mp10, its just not as efficient as doing lower so I usually just do mp7.

A tip for doing mp with 1 LS weapon (which I have/use. Only 2.9%) is to use Deadly Reach w/Foresight instead of blazing fists. I know the attack speed buff is more dps, but the range on DR actually makes killing mobs from a distance possible. Keeps you out of puddles of death and gives you some kiting ability.

Just what works for me.

I also have a separate set and build for TR rush with a skorn. CRUSHES thru mp1. Great xp/h. Literally permanent TR. Only stop for leg and ilv63 weapons.

EDIT: correction on a number.
Edited by Funkgrenade#1233 on 6/15/2013 4:13 AM PDT
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Damn all you boss monks.....hope I can get there someday :)
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monk with 80k hp, 1h LS. 250k dps unbuffed. try me. DH is wearing my set.
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I'm down :)
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DPS 221,854.41
DPS vs Elites 230,728.59
Attacks per Second 2.4025 MH
2.2475 OH
+% Attack Speed 40% (+15% DW)
Critical Hit Chance 46%
Critical Hit Damage 485%
MH Weapon Damage 91,111.2
OH Weapon Damage 99,943.59
Strength 119
Dexterity 3,095
Intelligence 374
Vitality 767
Armor 4,734.5
All Resist 807.4
Block Chance 0%
Dodge Chance 50.95%
Armor Damage Reduction 60.05%
Total Damage Reduction 92.15%
Thorns 0
EHP 552,876.78
Maximum Life 43,393.6
HP:EHP Ratio 1:12.74
Life Steal 3%
Life per Hit 295
Total Life Bonus 60%
Life per Second 201
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