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Come in all Single LS monks with +200k DPS

Hey, i'm not over 200k DPS yet, and i'm currently DW LS weaps, but I feel like the right crit dmg/OS weap could put me over 200k and I could probably survive MP10 still. I'm not sure exactly how I wanna make that swap.

I'm really interested to see the monks who are already set up for it, so I can figure out the best way to make it happen.
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What's so great about single LS?..... Why not 200k+ DPS with double LS like I have?
I don't get the point of this thread.
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What is this thread about exactly? Im 200k dps using shield and one LS weapon and im in HARDCORE and have been alive for like 9 months. If you are talking SC, I'm not sure what the achievement is here.
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Add me if you're still up for extending your list.
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I want to add you monks who are rocking Single LS with at least 200k DPS.

A lot of you guys on this forum has been stating that it's super easy to run around with Single LS.

Please post in here if you want to do a run with me.

Only criteria:

Single LS
At least 200k DPS
No defensive active/passive skills except STI
No Swapping your weapon to go Dual LS against elite (That's just lame LOL)

Show me how it's done.

my alt does this
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rock single ls, but switching is necessary with certain affix

What's so great about single LS?..... Why not 200k+ DPS with double LS like I have?
I don't get the point of this thread.

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I'm beyond 200k dps but I dont know what single LS means :S
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Get back to HC, no noobs here, haha.

Glad to see you are back, noticed you online the last week but was unable to catch you in a game. Hope things are going well.

Edit: Spelling, per usual. Damn iPhone.
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I had a look over at d2jsp - probably something I should have done a while ago, I suppose! - and from my quick perusal, it seems to me that the numbers touted for what an ideal monk should strive for are what I've come to call the 5's :

5K armor
50K life
500-550 All Resist

I would wager that, in most situations, people with that low resists would indeed find it difficult to survive with single LS; higher dps always helps, but Reflect will always be your litmus test. The numbers that are generally advocated here are more like :

5K armor
40K life (Min!)
600 AR (also min)

Those are always my baselines when building a set; I'll always try to get more resists, though. I'm at 718 now (owe-free) and with 2.9 LS and 5.3K armor, and I gain life from reflect (albeit quite slowly). Of course, I can't face tank reflect in combination with plague and what not - but I am constantly repositioning with Dashing Strike anyways. I prefer to dictate the terms of the fight and Cyclone the mobs to me, on clear ground.

(Some might argue that this could be annoying in a group, but from what I gather, people I play with actually appreciate having the mobs brought out of plague back onto a clean area.)
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Hi firends.
I'm @ 260k dps (400k buffed in group), and I run single LS wep.
In solo play I can do mp10 fine with single LS, but as previous people have posted the only problem is facetanking pools and reflect dmg. My solution: switch to my 1100+ 2.9% LS echo~ when I see reflect dmg. I run bells for solo play and im CONSTANTLY spamming them so pools dont really bother me.
In group play my dps is high enough to sustain me for MOST fights. If ever I see a potential in dieing, i quickly put my LS EF back on, which isn't very often.
Im running with a ruby atm cuz im farming essences, so my DPS might be slightly under 260k.

Also looking for people to farm with! Add me :-)
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Oh btw, its going to be real hard having over 500-600 AR if your aiming for a high dps build.
I have like 3 sets of gear for High res, High vitality, and the gear im using is my main build.

I can have a ton of AR or vitality and facetank ANYTHING - but that's not fun. I play high dps with solid sustain but I just have to pay attention.
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Thanks for the posts guys.

Will add you guys later today when I get on.

And if you dont get the point of the topic, dont know what to tell you.
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Thanks for your input. You are correct on everything you've pointed out. :)
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I use single LS but I don't meet the requirement of defensive active/passive.

Resolve's 20% debuff is just too good, especially for groups.

I can drop Serenity, however I use it to keep things moving and not necessarily for survival. I loathe the downtime when frozen/feared, they're more annoying than deadly.

Sometime I play zero LS when solo. cdEF (in bags) + WKL + Unity ring (in bags) + Blinding/FiL. The pew pew is wtfstrong until I meet a pack. Wtb monk LS belt :(
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210k unbuffed sword and board Monk here. About 400k buffed at all times and almost a million dps with faith in the light bursts. 60k hp, 6k+ armor, 750 RA, 2.7 LS.
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I'm 200k+ DMG and I use single LS, and I don't swap out since I honestly don't own a 2nd WKL to swap out with? Lol.
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My DH is borrowing some of my Monk's gear for leveling atm, but you can still see my weapons and whatnot.

With the borrowed pieces on, I'm at...
~240k DPS
2.43 APS
600 Resist
5k Armor
50k HP
300 LoH
2.9% LS

(And I dual-wield two fist weapons for extra internet points) =D
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06/15/2013 12:04 PMPosted by Phantom
210k unbuffed sword and board Monk here. About 400k buffed at all times and almost a million dps with faith in the light bursts. 60k hp, 6k+ armor, 750 RA, 2.7 LS.

Just checked out your profile, and you've built a really awesome shield Monk. I bet that character is a freaking juggernaut tank. What's your APS btw?
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Im a single LS mp10 boss. 285k unbuffed 566 AR with OWE and 5200 armor 46k hp. I run mainly cyclone strike with groups and bells solo. My most expensive item was 150 mil. 2 lifesteal weps seems overkill in most cases.

Gained about 80k dmg from crafting still trying for a GG ammy
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