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9/10 Very nice barb. Well rounded and great ias for a skorn user. I love your shoulder. Hopefully I can craft a similar one day.
The only thing I can really suggest to you is if you can get lucky enough to get 24% move speed without having innas go for depth diggers to boost your AR and dps. 8/10

9/10, excellent all round and lots of amazing pieces!

could try for rings with avg dmg on top of what you have now perhaps?

9/10 Damn good gear. Could try to roll a better shoulder with more vit. Don't often see a non-IC boot but that's a pretty nice rare one you got.

9/10, Great setup!
@ Boondox


All the gear can be improved.

Next guy that want to rate me, can find my profile @ http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Det0x-2856/hero/432203
@ Boondox


All the gear can be improved.

Next guy that want to rate me, can find my profile @

@Det0x, 4/10, only 550k DPS. Missing wrath:insanity and br:marauder's rage.

In all seriousness, though, there is only one flaw that I can find with your set- a reliance on bloodthirst. I'm not sure how I'd fix it. GG crafted gloves + an IK belt could come close to the damage output you have currently, though the chances of getting perfection in all 6 properties is virtually zero.

No one's perfect.
@ silverfire

I would like to start with saying, the only reason why i gave Boondox a "rate", is because of his other thread..

So onwards to your comment :)

The only reason for me using bloodthirst is that i logged out in my VotA spec, as i swap out rend for leap. With my normal farming build with rend, i have no need for that bloodthirst.. :)

Its only in the lower MP levels (~8) i use the wiching hour + bloodthirst, as i need the ias for perma WOTB.

On higher MP's i swap out my witching hour with my ik belt*, and change bloodthirst to berserker rage, as i have no problem keeping perma WOTB there (still talking about VotA spec:)

* = http://www.diabloprogress.com/item/31497311
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lol@your reason for under rateing me. Haters gonna hate =D

5/10 could use a lot of work cant really give tips when you log out full buff

Your skorn could use a 2nd useful affix like LS or VIT and the damage is pretty low.
Your nats ring can be easily replaceable unless you wanna run nat boots, but i dont think you're ready for that. HP is low but your AR is good, just got a lot of work to do.
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Very nice crafted ammy and bracers 7/10

Overall low ias. Unity is for dw ballerinas. Get a rare ring with ias/cc, and youll need some more ias to get to around 42 ias from gear - thats a good bp for both ww and hota.

Vit on skorn is not recommended - hard to uprade weapon in the future. Though, with amethyst in helm i think you still have around 50k hp without 222 vit from skorn.
@Aleas nice barb 7/10 missing 6-5% cc, switching war cry to op would be nice
06/16/2013 02:23 PMPosted by Vankmin
@Aleas nice barb 7/10 missing 6-5% cc, switching war cry to op would be nice


6/10 some nice gear there not quite sure why you are rocking 5 ik pieces, could get better pants and could craft a better shoulder, plus the skorn doesnt have ls or ias

sick barb man 9/10

sick barb man 9/10

Sick weapons and crafts GJ!


sick barb man 9/10

Sick weapons and crafts GJ!


I thought I was looking at my own profile when I clicked yours (I also run a LS Skorn as an alt).
@Jimmer411 7,5/10 but great barb !
@shuntace, that ammy is pretty sweet man. 9.5/10.

question: how come you SOJ? or do you swap it in and out?
@Thanos. Really Great S&B barb!!!!
9,5/10 because no one's perfect.

How's a non-WoTB build going for you? I normally avoid to use it as well any time I'm running anything less then mp 8. It's good to practice since WoTB will eventually get nerfed..
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