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I like this game. Enjoy playing it. Glad it exists. Over the past couple of days I have been experiencing game issues. One was resolved. (with many questionable issues) Taken care of non the less. I thank the group for that. I experienced another one today. I was told to make a forum post. I don't really want to cause I am pretty sure of the answer. The question now is to play and deal with it or move on to something better. Becomming a Brony may be cool. As far as games. Not many that have the dedication and thought as games like this. In the future maybe.

All that being said. I play HC. I lose characters a lot. I have even deleted 60s and killed them for fun. To die in HC: it's ok. Today I had an encounter with a player where that individual lied to me and started a bashing session. What was odd is I was asked to create a game and invite him. This was to help him. I help a lot of people in HC. When I joined I fould his lie and still helped. I eventualy called him on his lie when he kept asking for more and more help and then he started bashing... W/E. I have had many encounters with bad players in the past that have even given me a temp ban. Later it was found that those players where way out of sorts. I was given a your ok after... I say all this to show that there are indeed people who go out of their way to take out other gamers and a good experience. This is know. By me.

Todays experince when things went bad was an immediate disconnect and when I relogged I was not asked for my authentication code and my character was dead. Character is already deleted and was far from my main character. Gear wasn't even that great. (Under 2 million) I did notice that the person I was playing with wanted me to get my best char to "help". Was typed in the chat.

There's that. Not saying this person did anything or anyone for that matter. I sent a conversation to see what happened. I did some research and noticed many people reporting issues with people basicly using something to cause timed lag or even disconnects to the game. I am still on the fence about it. Based off of what I experienced I would say it was possible. I asked and was told no "official" reports have been made and if they were the people involved would be banned. I asked what about all the reports on the internet and the streams of video on youtube? I was told that you can not use youtube or those reports. I then said what about me and this incident..... same result.

If I understand correctly there is no way to know if someone uses this method or not. It is not trackable. The way you know is when you DC in game at the absolute worst time. Never any other....

I asked how they can do/know what I myself cannot find and was told that it was the end of the conversation.

I AM NOT. Saying that any responses given where bad or Blizzard is bad. Please don't respond with a bunch of crap haten on em. That is not what this is about. To be honest, I have played games that I enjoy to this day that have issues that would make most people call it trash. There is a list. Everyone knows. The truth is, like those other games I find ways around it to make it work for me so I can enjoy the game.

The reason for this is to find a way. Like the game, want to play. I am on board! All the people involved in this game from back in the days of baby Blizz to now are awesome in their own way and I am glad they try. Some folks don't. Some folks make games that are not even games. That dont work on amy level.

My main concern has to do with my main character and the fact that I do not have close to as much free time to keep messing around with remaking characters. My main Character does very well in Inferno and would take a very long DC to cause a death. It could happen though in perfect bad conditions... like the one I experienced today. To bad to be a technical issue. The timming was too perfect. If I had lost my main I would be done. Wouldn't even write this, would just be done. But I didn't. I know it can if the same thing happens. I ask how can I stop it from happening? I want to believe it won't and as they say it was just a technical issue that happened and is better now. But it really don't look that way. I can play with lag. This was beyond lag. Was massive red and then to disconnect. I want to buy the xpac and play when it comes out and the whole point of the game is to play HC. Death to things beyond the realm of player control though.... Again, I play well with lag.... I make characters that reflect worse case situations.

I hope I am clear in what I wrote. It is a lot cause I want to find a solution. I want to coninue playing with the abillity to find enjoyment in the game. A bigger picture is when I play other games I want to know how to apply the solution to those games as well.

I am ok to call it lag that I died.

My question is if it is possible and if so. How to make it better.

I wil even agree to say it is not possible in D3. But my thought is what if there was a game like D3 that had this issue. How is it overcome?

At the very least. How would a game company know if it is being done in the first place.... Or any place for that matter...

I believe this goes beyond anti spyware or anti virus. This is something other than that. I even format my computer and factory install it regularly.

The people I hear the reports from are way into gamming and computers, they are far from clicking on a trogan horse.

To end. Thank you for thoughts. Be nice. Blizzard thank you for the game. Even if I was to stop now. I have played soo much beyond what I thought I would and enjoyed it! Completely satisfied. As for Bronies. I like the idea, I will try to watch the show. (completly) The people behind it are awesome and a very deep pool of talent with skill. How could you not like that show. It may be to slow for my taste but compared to the others it is great. They teach good things too!

If I missed something please let me know. I am not saying that Blizz has been compramised and please do not use this as an "official" example. The only other thing I can think of is if there are confirmed compromised to Blizz? The feel I got was that D3 was above it... It was followed that if it did happen steps would be taken immediately to stop/better it.... That is what was said.

Again don't bash each other or Blizzard. Be like the Brony :) What is desired here is actual uselful ideas. If nothing else if you have a testimony (I think that is the right word?) to share that relates and can do so with best intentions that may be helpful as well.

My hope above hope. It is indeed a technical issue and that's that. If that's the case the chance of those conditions existing again are enough that I wouldn't encounter it for a very long time.

I will not name accounts or names. Please do not seek out anyone involved with this situation. The idea is not to get anyone in trouble but to find a way.
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You are certainly free to test out the game mechanics and post a tracert and pathping at a time when you feel you are lagging. That would give us data to see if it is a technical issue.

With regard to the idea of other players exploiting to cause you a disconnect. I have not heard of it, but that does not mean it can't exist. The good thing is that they DO have a special way to report that sort of thing. Go ahead and gather your evidence(links, youtube, etc) and then describe your own incident with names, times, etc. Send that to hacks@blizzard.com from your registered email account. Investigations of exploits and hacks is the only time they accept all that extra data/links. I would suggest though that you keep your email short and too the point or you will confuse the issue.
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thought so. I just deleted all my alts and will play my main untill it dies. From what I gather it will. I will go ahead and delete this thread too. thank you for acknowledging that it is possible.
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Hmm, don't know how to delete this thread. First time posting one. If you could delete it that would be cool. Have an answer now so I don't need it. Don't know if it serves a purpose beyond that? Thanks again.
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Fluke, I do not KNOW that it is possible. I simply acknowledge that I do not know everything. That is why I said if you suspect it, ask Blizzard to investigate!

Edit - and DONT delete your alts. You really just need to send the info to hacks and let them look into it.
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I don't know for sure if it is possible too. I had something happen and wanted to look into it. I am noticing that the America's server is down now for maintnance due to disconnection issues. I had one of those. Maybe it is tied into that?
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It could be, disconnects happen from time to time even under the best conditions. My cat has even disconnected me before. Bad kitty! There are also certain skills that seem to cause rubberbanding, lag and disconnects particularly for WW Warriors and Monks. Stuff happens.

Like I said, you can post the requested files so we can take a look at your internet connection. That way we can see if maybe there is a fixable network issue or ISP issue affecting you.

Honestly I can't think of any way for other players to affect your connection to the server. I also am not aware of any exploits with in game mechanics that could cause you to lag and DC. However, if you THINK there are, and you see websites and videos of it, send all that to the hacks team so they can investigate. They are the experts on how Blizzards servers work and can determine if it is real or not.
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Ya, alts are deleted. If they keep dying by this lag/dc just at the worse momment why keep trying to make em? The only classes that hold up to that lag are my Barb and a witch doctor with full HP gear and pets. Even then.... not always effective. I can do my best to stop deaths on my end of things out of my control, and I am. If even after all those safe gaurds I still die. It isn't worth playing for me anymore. I am not saying it is a bad game or I am not happy with it. Just like D2 I have enjoyed the game beyond my expectations. But just like D2, if certain elements that are out of my control effect playing then it is not worth playing. Remmember this is my own opinion. The game is awesome. I have just had the pleasure of playing it a lot and have come across the point of end game. If complete epic DC death fails exist beyond my control happen. No matter the cause I cannot see myself playing to Paragorn 100 +. I will try to get my barb there still.

I still don't know what this special hack detection investigation unit/software is that is not available to anyone else. I don't get that. For me, if it was a hack. ( I do not know for sure it was) (From the new server maintnance post it may not have been.) Then I say good on them for achieving it with not trace. I simply do not want to put much effort into it. in the end it is indeed just a game and was my alt. I was hesitant to even post in forum based off of my other replies in the past. (other threads, other people) It turns in to a bunch of posts that say the same stuff over and over again and get nowhere.

Thank you again for this game it is fun no matter what some people say. I do still have my main and will continue to play it. My hope is this issue does not happen again while doing so. I did create one barb alt to make a WW build. My main is immortal tank build with low dps/high hp in a hope that it will survive if whatever happened happens again. I want to say even if I lose this char to things outside my control I will probably play the xpacs just cause I lke the game. At level 60 I can just give away my stuff. I do that a lot anyways :P

It would probably be best to delete this thread. No real point in keeping it up. I know where I stand with the game now. Thank you. It seems to just be turning into me typing poor me for my char death and I am sure others have had it happen and moved on.

I cannot go back to SC, I gave all that gear/gold away deleted those chars. That not being the reason though. When I had a feel for the game I switched to HC cause that is how the game is played in my mind. Made D2 great as well. In fact the idea of one life in a game like this may be the reason why Diablo was such a hit. I know just watching youtube vids of peoples close calls and deaths brings a instant connection to that character alone. I know I cheer on a close call and have empathy for a fallen hero. It is an awesome game concept.

No matter what no desire for a refund or anything like that, thank you for a great game, your groups desire and care in gamer issues is above and beyond what other groups do.
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For that I am not sure it becomes a matter of splittin hairs. If certain skills cause lag that may be one. Another I have experienced is people joining a game can cause lag. In the case I posted for I was asked to create a game after I was invited to their game. It was the proggression of events followed by the perfect timed lag/dc that made the odds seem so unlikely. It may very well not bea full on hack at all. Maybe someone who enjoys trying to pk other players and has found ways to push the envelope of lag to a point of death. I do know it takes a lot to kill the characters I create. I also play with lag a lot and have become very good at it.

Is what it is. You cat story is funny. My 3rd HC char I believe died from a cat as well. I had my headphones in and he decided to sit on the comp. I shewed him off and the cord came out opening the audio program and minimizing the game. Uhoh. That one and the windows key are two of the hardest Diablo bosses :P
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The only other thing I can think of is that when this happened it was the first time since I started using the authenticor key that it didn't ask me for it when I relogged in from the DC. Someone else said that it is not uncommon for that. It was a first for me though. Now I am experiencing license retrieval errors. Falls under Error 1 i suppose. I did notice that since that relog I am asked for my key 1 time and no matter what I do log out or any other prefferences it does not ask me for it.
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Ya, its not letting me log into any region either. As of this momment I have no acess to Diablo account. Ummm, I hope everything is ok?
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It gives me error 30003 connection for Americas which makes sense. Its down, but it says cannot log in on Asia or Europe. It makes it sound like the srvers are up and I am being blocked from them. Or rejected.
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When I just sent that is said there was an error on my Forum account as well and to please log back in. was in red text above chat window, I seem to be able to still send posts though? I dont even know.
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Tried loggin back into any server says there is a problem with licensing. I think it is time for a break from D. Going to do something else. Let me know of anything I guess.
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I don't know if it matters but my connection and comp are working fine. All other programs are sound as they normaly are. All programs and comps always have their own issues. (personality?) I have no latency issues at the mommnet.
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