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1.6 Billion DH Giveaway (closed)

Congratulation to the Winner : slapnuts1 #1610

Post #420

(you have 72 hour to respond to my friend request failing which another draw will be made)

(Thanks to DiEoxidE and Iria for their kind donation)

Started playing D3 since June last year. It has been a long and enjoyable journey. It is time to give some back to the community. Here is what I m going to do.

For the next few days, I am going to use 1.2 bil (+ donations below) to build a DH towards RF. I haven't done any price check since the gold sink but hope I can do a good job. Then I m going to give it away.

To win the DH, you just need to post on this thread. This will end this Sat 22 June and I will do a RNG to determine the winner. Winner will be announced on Sun 23 June and will be added to my friend list. Make sure you come back and check this post on Monday.

Hope this will encourage more people playing DH.
Good Luck!


1) First Item Bought - DML 100 mil
Dex 254, Vit 272, AS 18%, CC 9%, RF 8%
2) Second item bought - Nat Ring 90 mil
Dex 85, Vit 84, AS 9%, CC 4.5%, MF 15%
3) Third item bought - Inna Tempearance 120 mil
Dex 170, Vit 83, AS 8%, CC1%, MS 12%
4) Fourth Item bought - Inna Favar 23 mil
Dex 97, AR 78, Arm 256, CC 1%
5) Fifth item bought - Unity ring - 78 mil
Avg Dmg 33-65, Dex 154, LOH 288, CC 4.5%, CD 32%, Elite bonus 4%
6) Sixth item bought - Mantico - 250 mil
DPS 1192.2, +44% DMG, Dex 177, AS 11%, CD 81%, Soc 2
7) Seventh item bought - Mempo - 153mil
Dex 271, Vit 63, AR 74, AS 8%, Life 11%, Soc 1
8) Eighth Item bought - Gems 1 Radiant Star Emerald (23m) 1 Radiant Star Ruby (23m) 6 Pefect Star Emerald and 1 Perfect Star Amethyest = Total 100 mil
9) Ninth item bought - Amulet 42 mil
Max Dmg 31, Dex 73, Vit 124, CC 9.5%, CD 80%, - Red Melee 4%, Soc 1
10) Tenth item bought - Lacuni 40 mil
Dex 73, Vit 70, AS 8%, CC 5.5, MS 12%
11) Eleventh item bought - Vile Ward 110 mil
Dex 260, Vit 51, AR 71, Arm 241, Pick up Rad 6 Yard
12) 12th item bought - Glove 100 mil
Dex 161, Str 46, Int 87, Vit 99, AR 57, CC 9%, CD 45%
13) 13th item bought - Nat Boots - 100 mil
Dex 237, Vit 49, AR 76, Arm 247, MS 12%, Red Melee 6%
14) 14th item bought - Nat Embrace - 13 mil
Dex 94, Vit 78, AR 66, Life 10%, Grenade dmg + 14%, Soc 3
15) 15th item bought - RF SOJ - 85 mil
Elem Dmg 6%, Disc 10, Elite dmg 28%, RF CC 7%

DH Status (Completed) : http://i.imgur.com/XNDqJaS.jpg
It has 68k HP, 256k DPS, AS 1.84, CC 59%, CD 388%, AR 492 on my P100 Char + Scoundrel

1) Iria#1342 - 100mil
2) DiEoxidE #1987 - 300 mil ( Legend Stutter-stepping )

Note: No double posting or you will be DQ
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In! Very generous of you.
I'll play, I have a DH but as of yet is not very good.
Only played a DH for a short amount of time, but sounds fun ;)
Just started playing DH and i love it! :]
That is a very cool thing to do! <3
That's great! I love to see people giving things away like this.

I just quit my DH and transferred over to a WW barb because I didn't have the funds to equip it all the way up to a MP10 RF demon hunter. However, if I somehow managed to win the random drawing I would definitely use it to build up my not-so-cleverly-named DH.

Hope whoever wins really gets some awesome gear!
interesting ..... wow waiting for sunday
Count me in! Thanks OP.
Count me in... thank you for helping out the community :)
I'm in! Best of luck to everyone!
I've always wanted to play a nicely geared DH, so this sounds like fun! Count me in :D
I'm in for that, thats awesome of you to offer!
should be interesting.
I'm in Bro:)
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RF, have no gear about it, would be nice to try them out.

Sign in for the reward, and thank you for your time.
trrying my luck here
Good on you, Cameo, well done!
Im In!!!!!!
I'll try my luck
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