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looking to help beginners gear

Hey so ive done gearing and builds for other people for some time now and would be happy to lend a hand to some people that are having a hard time starting up their classes or progressing thru the higher mp lvls.

if you need some gearing tips or some help finding good deals on the AH add me in game or post here and ill help you build your set.

if you are super new to the game and dont have much gold i will help by providing a good portion of the money myself.

i understand how annoying it can be to watch other peoples toons crush higher mp's and wondering how the got such good gear. Because of that i want to help you guys out and get you on your way to farming fast and fun.

also looking to start a community page where people will pass on their old gear to help other people who are starting, this way we can make a big impact and help make this game fun for other people.
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Hey man, I just started a new barb and he's only level 10 right now. I have absolutely no idea where to go with him, but it looks like a fun class to play with. Any advice or help would greatly be appreciated!
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i can power lvl you to 60. untill 60 tho there isnt much help that will make a difference. but i can help you with your gear choices once your 60.
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There was such a thread in these forums not long ago. I think lordzeus was the OP. It might even be stickied in koala's thread. These things always benefit from numbers. A group of people will do more than a single person.
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well id be happy to have anyone that wants to help join. just want to make the game more enjoyable for people and possibly even start a farm group of people looking to buddy up with likewise gear.
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First off, I greatly respect what you are doing and it really does improve the quality of this community.

That being said, I have a lvl 60 barb (paragon level 7) and would like some gear/build advice. I have been given some gear by a friend of mine, but I don't know if it is what I should be wearing. My survivability is very low. Any advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated. I will message you tonight when I get online.

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add we in game ill get you rolling tonight. definitly some areas we can help you out with.

id say be need some more hp probably get it in the pants and glove, and then we will get more dps out of your rings and new weapons.
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Matt I would really appreciate that. I'm at work until 730 ct, will you be on tonight? I really don't know anything about the barbs skills, so I need to touch up on what builds and weapons they have
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I sent a request pwnmatt
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pwnmatt really helped me out. He found upgrades for me and gave them to me for free. He offered build advice and overall strategy of how to reach the max mp levels with my barb.. He even went as far as helping me test out my new gear to make sure I could clear some higher mp levels. He is honest and very helpful. If you need help he is a great resource.

Thanks again!!
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Hey looking for some help i already made a thread just came back 2 weeks ago since first month of d3 launch so alots changed im confused and lost...i want to be able to solo mp10 easily. will drop 20$ on gold if need be have 100m atm and ome decent gear.
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Hey pwnmatt, I would love some advice on gearing. I am by no means broke or a beginner, and I do my research on how to gear myself, but I have trouble going past MP5. Right now, my goal is to be able to farm on maybe mp6-7, and get myself a Hellfire Ring. What you're doing is great for the community, and hopefully I can learn a thing or two. Thanks ^_^
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Hi Matt, my 60 barb could use some help too.

I played d3 from the start but stopped for a very long time due to work and stuff. Now I'm back just restarted d3 a few days ago. i missed all the patches I'm as good as a noob right now. Kinda just went AH and bought random gear cos all my old gear was useless.

I'm also doing around MP2 right now. Yeah noob mode =/

Any help appreciated man thanks :)
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hey guys sorry ive neglected the thread for a day or so. add me in game and ill take a look over your profiles see what i can help with. im funning a bit low on could but should be able to get each of you 1 or 2 upgrades.
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@ dave $20 will get you a easy mp10 set :)

i will gladly gear your toon. will be on tonight around 7:30pm

@coolwhip whats your budget? i should be able to get you a mp7 barb for around 50mil if you want to drop a couple 100mil i could easily make it an mp10 barb.

@spartacus i have around 300mil i can use, ill start building a set tonight. add me in game should be able to get it done for you. PS welcome back to D3 much has changed.
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thanks matt i'll add u now.
tell me about it... i've no idea what's good what's bad and my old 'wizard' build for my wiz is apparently a crap outdated build too now lol

by the way i've no idea what time zones u guys are in...if u want me to be in game at whatever time could u add +gmt or something so i know what time exactly? lol (i'm in gmt+8 time zone)
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im north of toronto in canada, so whatever time zone that puts me in. get off work at 7pm tonight so should be on shortly after that :)
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ok by my estimates that's about 6.5 - 7 hours from now then. i'll go sleep then and wake around there hopefully be able to catch u in game :)
*it's 140am now my time. we appear to be exactly 12 hours apart i think.

i'll try to be on latest 8pm ur time
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ya its 2pm my time right now :)

if i cant meet you online ill buy some piece for you and have then ready when ever you can get online.
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I am looking for some advice to gear up. I stopped playing a year ago and gave away everything. Currently am naked and plan to buy some gold just to gear up to at least tackle inferno. I am wondering what kind of stats should I be aiming for?
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