Diablo® III

The 1 hour MP10 Fields of Misery Challenge

Hey Chaz....these are my results for the MP10 Fields Challenge.

WD 246.5k unbuffed 541k buffed with Pierce the Veil / Soul Harvest / Gruesome Feast
Locust Swarm - Pestilence Build

Profile: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Ptbrulz-1445/hero/13357813

Starting Kills: 3199280
Ending Kills: 3206714
Elites killed: 6

3206714 - 3199280 = 7434

6 x 14 = 84

7434 + 84 = 7518 white mobs/hr

# of runs: 16
Kills per run: 465
Elites per run: 0.38
Legendaries: 5

Video of farming run: http://www.twitch.tv/ptbrulz/c/2625297
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Fyi to OP, the link to the individual posts didn't work for me, this is the link I see when I click on the post number: (for example for Ptbrulz)

Do the links in the OP's post work for anyone?
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Thanks MCP I fixed that.

Updating my numbers for this:

1. Kills: 10,988 Time: 60:37 Kills/hour = 10,876
2. Runs 30 Kills/run = 362.5
3. Legendaries Found = 6
4. Fully buffed DPS = 983k with brawler
5. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Chazhang-1745/
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Hey guys its Nyan. I know its on a barbie forum, but could I try to tackle this challenge on my 'snapshot' DH? ^.^

On some VotA runs I've gotten 41 TA (plan to get high due to impreza's challenge in DH forum) and gonna try to theory craft some methods for effective farming.
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Of course you can nyan. We've already gotten wizards and WDs on the board (and I know some monks are training to get ready for it too). It would be awesome to see how far a snapshot DH can push it!
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The main issue w/ snapshot DH is that it is only effective for fights that last over 3 seconds. Although straft does snapshot dps.
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It would be cool to see if you can put together an effective high MP trash farming build for DH.
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I play self-found only right now, but I find these 1 hour challenges very entertaining to keep up with. Thanks to all involved, especially those that may not be the top of the list, but gave it a great shot like Ptbrulz, and hopefully Nyan.

Unlike the 1 hour DE challenge, I see nobody has tried any team results. I have wondered if splitting up and leading a train of mobs by multiple teammates is possible and could be even more efficient. Also at minimal multiples barbs that are similarly geared/skilled should be more efficient. Anyone have any theory crafting ideas for team compositions?
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@Slayer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXIOjfq3l34&feature=youtu.be
Only MP9 and not fields but i think a bloodshed build plus a CS monk would be pretty vicious.

I'll have to have a go with this solo with my bloodshed build see how I do :D
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@Uber Nice video! :) Even if it isn't MP10 Fields, it still gives an example.

Hota+Bloodlust Barb + Monk Cyclone/Overawe seems like it could work pretty well. Can throw in sprint+marathon and tempest rush or dashing strike to increase the movement speed of the duo. Monks and Barbs seem to be the fastest sustained movement, and with the lower hit points of non-elites, that seems like it could have the most promise.

I have ran a Rend/Tornado build earlier with AH gear, and it is surprising how challenging it is to play effectively. Getting the fury started without dying, keeping Wotb up, and getting Rends off without going splat all seem like skills you need to practice a bit.

The easiest of the guys that are top in the kill list would seem to be Witch Doctor using locust swarm. I was surprised that a Witch doctor could get a kill rate so high with that technique. The huge train of mobs seems like it would be fun. :) However I assume that doesn't work as well in an area with more ranged enemies or slow enemies as they may not follow as well and keep in range.
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i am in
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Hopefully Kimsulki doesn't mind, but he/she did do a single run kill rate for MP10 Field of Misery with a monk. Since I haven't seen another Monk try, this was pretty cool.

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WW/REND 2h barb p100 259k unbuffed

Profile: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Turbo-2328/hero/565718

Starting Kills: 1637754
Ending Kills: 1644768

1644768 - 1637754 = 7014 kills/hour

Legendaries: 6

I think I can do way more. It was my first attempt
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Monk first PL100 try with this TR/EP/Bell build and low elites. No shrines or dungeons.

1. Adjusted: 5445
2. Average kills/run: 605 and Average elites/run: 1
3. Legendaries: 5
4. DPS: 234607 (+hidden 30/7% WOL soj)
5. http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/dominatus-2534/hero/10817100 - http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#WceVhS!abd!bZaZcc
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Good to see you on this challenge too. I don't know much about Monks but I always wanted to try some kind of Exploding Palm build for this challenge. Do you think it could work?

Edit, I missed Palm was actually in your build lol... Guess that answers my question.
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I might give this a go with my barb. Ever since i hit p100 with my DH, I have been p-leveling my Barb and WD in FoM.
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06/25/2013 02:57 AMPosted by Mental
Accepting that some stuff isn't going to die but your faster killing 80-90% and doing it fast then making sure everything dies.

Truth. It's all about maintaining your momentum while staying focused on your technique and route.
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@Dep: Yeah I've been trying some different things lately with my Monk(s) after making PL100. I'm not done with DE yet either, sort of been waiting for some gear boost and I'll try to boost the score further soon. I also came up with the perfect MP10 ubers solo build by combining some ideas out there: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#ajegQS!abd!YcYYZY
The key farm build though is almost identical to my VotA MP7 build, except for the stun bell rune. My record speeds with the VotA build modified with stun bell rune in key farming have so far been on MP10 act1 5:40, act2 4:30, act3 5:40 from loading screen to portal out. I've tested that MP10 VotA is doable with it also. The best thing about all of it is that the VotA gear fits all solo purposes. Though trash farming speed could be better with more IAS.

EP strong spirit is definitely the one thing you must have for trash farming with Skorn/doom hammer anyway. Rest has room for choice. There are other Monks clearly better than I am at trash farming speed currently though. This is video of one of the best Monks if it was TianZi's video.. He recently tested a non-spirit gen EP setup successfully. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjEDR7ZFfqg

Here is Druin's guide which kind of introduced me and most others to TR/EP/Bell http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/9244925015?page=1
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YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pjgtojjAv0&hd=1
runtime: 00:59:45
8739 adjusted kills/hour
8233.3 kills/hour
36.15 elites/hour
Legendaries Found: 9
Unbuff DPS: 427745 | Buffed DPS: 577902
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