Diablo® III

2 Bloody Good Intel WH

WH 1

188 Int
77 Vit
12% Life
166 Armor
9% AS
41 CD

Current bid is 1B on d2jsp http://forums.d2jsp.org/topic.php?t=67933430&f=153

WH 2

68 Dex
170 Intel
12% life
66 All Res
9% AS
47 CD

I have not set a price for it yet ( maybe you guys can help me out with it ) as I don't play WD nor Wiz. Just taking offers at the moment. Anyway, if you need any links to the item in game, add me up and I'll gladly link them for you. You can make offers in game, here or on my jsp thread :



Thanks for taking the time to look at it. Cheers
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@electro: just out of curiosity...how many UNIDs do you buy?? You always have GG WH for sale...
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Quite a few. I don't buy them everyday as they are expensive. I normally buy then sell and clear out my stash before buying another batch and i only buy WH and 3 other Unids, No weapons for me. They don't always roll good mind you. Most of them turns out to be rubbish.
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So I guess the three would be tals allegiance, WH and...?

Anyways, good on ya. Good way of making some $$. Beats AH flipping and 1d12H sniping I guess. Less work.
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Yeah that's one thing I don't do which is flipping. The other's inna's. I used to farm like crazy hence my DH E kills but really got tired of seeing stupid rolls all the time. Its a wonder that I could gear my DH just by farming but I can't farm like that anymore, eventually we all get tired of the same repetition. So Unids it is. Got some tal's too that I haven't posted. LUL. Well got a tals ammy if anyone's interested, Big ON EHP!

6% Arcane Dmg
289 Intel
121 Vit
256 Arm
61 CD
9.5 CC

haha, well hope someone likes it
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Electro, do you have a price in mind for that Tals ammy?
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Sorry not at the moment. I'm quite bad at pricing intel items to be honest. I've undervalued as well as overpriced stuff so these days, I don't make bin until I'm sure of their actual value. Hopefully the WD community can help me out with this. At least i'd get a rough idea on items so that I can price it at a decent value.
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Ok, I'm at work right now so can't check AH to see where it falls. I'm trying a few different ones(higher dps, higher HP, higher Armor) right now and I bought the one I have equipped last night for 145mil. Yours is an upgrade at all 3 spots, DPS, Armor, and HP over this one. It likely has a price higher than I'm looking to spend right now, but will look into it later on. Good luck with it!
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Thanks. I haven't got a price on it. I can't even find anything close to it on AH. This is going to be tough. Going to put it on a bid basis for a short period and just sell to highest bidder.
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Somebody just threw a 5% with similar stats (10 CC, bit less Int/Vit, bit more Armor) onto the gold AH for 2B. The outcome of that auction should be pretty informative, with yours worth a good bit more due to the extra 1% damage.

I'd be surprised if he gets the 2B, but I've been wrong before.
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Well i'll probably look at getting about that amount then. Thanks for the info. Going to look up on the AH.
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As expected its gone. 2B was too good I suppose. I''ll put it up on jsp just to avoid the unnecessary
15% blizz tax and see how it goes. Bid basis probably for 2-3 days. hopefully at about 2B+. Really appreciate the info.
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Any takers for the Ammy? Feel free to offer me a price.
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