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@thijskruiver I run life steal on my dagger.
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pianist @ i like ur boots , nice setup , maybe need more amors and life of hits .
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Wicked....plain and simple, you need to get some beastly rings. That could raise you 30k dps, but it will cost you. Aside from that, you're looking pretty good. You could also get about 100 more INT on your boots.
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nice @lameboi, while i am still lvl'ing using arcon...would love some advise
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Ooh shiny mempo! :)
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Good wizz, but you need to upgrade your gems (all of them ) ... you would also gain a lot of dps by getting a 1100 +dmg chantodo's Will with socket !!

Last thing, you should use Zunimassa's Trail ... it would be great with your Pox !!

7,5/10 !!
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Nice cm overall! High dps :O I feel that you need some more armor! Maybe consider using a pox ^.^ if you don't want the set effect, ice climbers might be nice to consider
Edited by VocaloidNyan#1582 on 7/23/2013 11:01 AM PDT
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@VocaloidNyan, you meet all requirements so all you need is to squeeze dps in, though i might consider in swapping your BT out to get a 2 socket one, you gain more dps and a bit more AR, but im pretty sure you have your own valid reason why you chose the armor roll. nice wizard 8/10
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@avila you are on point... Not much to add.. The only thing is throw in all marq's in the Tals.

And why the Ruby? wouldn't the emerald be a bit more effective with your crit chance? Although the wand does look nice screaming 1500+ dps.
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@than nice mit. You need more DPS from that ammy. I would also switch the gems around so that you were getting Life on the Mempo and Int on the pants. With Mob density if you go in 4 player games you will get EXP pretty quick. Nice crafted gloves. Start stacking more int, and CD on your other slots.

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@Paranoyed 8/10 life pool seems a bit low but not bad overall
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@Asbestos 8/10 nice gear set great ias.
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Sweet stuff!

Love that ammy!

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@Wisockt - Great setup, How is 12MS working for you? personally, i never tried anything under 24MS. 8/10
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@t0ma - High DPS output CM. Great setup! 9/10. Absolutely love your Chan Force and rings. I'm struggling to go over the 200k DPS wall :(
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ObiEdge: Seems kind of new to CM Wizzards. Low DPS, but at least heading in the right direction I think. 7/10 (low DPS, looks ever so slightly shy of a breakpoint).
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@t0ma Wormhole man. I teleport 3-4 spots every time, that gets me into mobs and resets the cool down.

@abendschein, looks like a great setup 8.5/10 you should look for some more cc off the mempo and lacuni
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@Wisockt very nice gear, curious what your missing ring might be :P I would try to pick up AR on your zuni boots and drop some hp from them so they don't cost you a billion or so, your AR seems a tad low.

8/10 at least, hard to say without your second ring on!
Edited by Netherion#1982 on 7/24/2013 7:23 AM PDT
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@ Netherion nice wiz overall. Low vit - You're missing a roll on both WH and Gloves. If you added vit on both you'd be very solid.
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