Diablo® III

ISO Drag & Tag monk for key runs and ubers

I need some help for fast key runs. ISO monk with the following skills/runes/passives/abilities/gear

Skill/ Rune
Mantra of Conviction - Overawe
Fists of Thunder - Quickening
Exploding Palm - Flesh is weak
Blindness - Faith in the light (Can be replaced with Tranquility - Ascension if squishy)
Wave of light - Empowered wave replaces Blindness for ubers
Cyclone Strike - Healing breeze
Sweeping Wind - Cyclone

Guiding light
Near Dear Experience - Recommended

Preferred Abilities:
150k+ unbuffed DPS
400+ AR
3.5k+ Armor
30k+ vit
Dual Wield
45%+ Crit chance

30% SOJ
Won Kim Lau- Optional

My wiz buffs to 500-600k+ DPS so as u spam drag & tag, mobs fall really quickly. Often with 1 drag. With a monk like this we can usually get keys in under 10 minutes, as long as trying to find KW doesn't slow us down too much, and complete uber runs in 10-15 mins.Some monks like a variation of this build with Combo Strike.. That's cool too.

If ur intersted add AucTor#1975. Thx!
Edited by AucTor#1975 on 6/18/2013 4:51 PM PDT
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You've got a lot of Spirit spenders. What is ISo and SOJ if you don't mind me asking?
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"In search of:" and "Stone of Jordan".
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I guess.. Spirit is hardly a problem. I admit this build requires a bit of coordination for max effectiveness but the monks that train with me LOVE it and are blown away palm OPness :)
Also, the extra low armor and AR a tailored for use with a good CM wiz. Try it out sometime! :)
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I have a similar build actually. I'll just show it to you. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#WfXVgk!WfX!cabcZa

and I have problems with spirit regen. I tried to lean more towards support and defense though. I like The Flesh is weak, but it only debuffs your main target so it takes several activations. When they buff legendary/set crafting I will start using Helm of Command and hallowed Defenders to further prioritize the tanking support archetype. Also, I think at 45% Crit chance sixth sense beats guardians path in the event that you weren't sure.
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.. The purpose of flesh is weak it so drop mobs fast in combo with Cyclone strike. The 12% damage increase is nice when stacked with other buffs from wiz and monk in a 1mil+ unbuffed DPS team. Six Sense and Guardian's path are inferior compared to the other passives. Feel free to ad anytime :)
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