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Need expert advice on how to proceed...

My witch doctor has about 55k HP and does 58 DPS (I know, not very good stats, but I don't have the gold to get better gear). I have been farming various areas on MP 5 because I can't really do much higher than that with success.

My main question would be if it's worthwhile trying to farm for keys since I'm not doing MP 10. I don't really know much about the keys but it seems like that's what many people are hunting. If it's not worth my time, I would love some suggestions about what I should be farming/selling in order to get my gold stash up.

Thanks in advance!
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The Witch Doctor forums have a fantastic sticky that provides an abundance of useful information; including guides on how to build your WD on a very low budget, all the way upto unlimited fund MP10 guides as well.
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Ok, thanks Viss. I'll check it out
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I would stick to the highest mp level u can farm comfortably...as for key hunting, I would say yeah its a good idea since u will use the keys one day...not only that but the exp u get while getting the five stacks needed before u kill the keywarden is also good...before u know it ur exp and ur gold will get higher...I try not to watch my character lvl to much, it seems to rise better that way lol
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hellfire rings suck at least 99% of the time.
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I say farm the keys. During the farming you get loot, experience, and chance of key to make machine.

Do like 5 runs of each act and restart your process. Makes it so you're not used to it. When you become powerful enough to run ubers more effectively, you will have many machines to have fun with your lotto ring.
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Thanks guys. Good Pro's and Con's for me to think about.
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When you have time/gold to look for upgrades, I suggest starting with your gloves and amulet. Rare gloves are very good for their price. For amulets look for either a rare or tals.

I suggest these in particular because I don't consider the attack speed to be a useful stat - it's forcing you to use your primary skill instead of your secondary skill (which was bears when I looked). So if you can find gloves/ammy without IAS that are are equal on the sheet they'll be much better. I'd even say you could have up to maybe sheet 3k less dps and still be better.

Disclaimer: if in your play style you don't find yourself running out of mana, ignore my suggestion. My zombie-bears build cost me a lot of time and gold to figure out, and ultimately I figured out that the thing to focus on was reducing my IAS while keeping my sheet DPS the same.

One last suggestion ... always keep your second-best mojo around. You'll want it to compare when you consider weapon upgrades. Especially look out for those 1.2 aps weapons: spears and maces. It did wonders for me when I upgraded from a 1.4 aps dagger to a 1.2 aps spear. (The spear should have 100-200 more DPS though to avoid losing sheet DPS, because the slower attack speed doesn't make as good use of your mojo)
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Start a new WD character is this time gear him/her so you can play ms10 through to lvl45. The drops will sell at the AH at much better prices than mid-range lvl60 gear. Ridiculous, but true. If you get an inferno ring for your new character first, you can equip at lvl 1 and leveling will be a snap (and cheap).
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